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A Heavily Loaded Wagon

A heavily loaded wagon rolled slowly through the Gut, a mountain of a man at the reigns.  It slowed to a stop in front of the Bucket of Blood.  Two dusty and dirty children leapt from the back, pulled back the tarp and began to run armfuls of bottles down in to the gloomy pub.

The large cloaked figure squinted up at the building from under his hood, his gaze shifting briefly to the red-painted windows of the connected house.  He pulled the hood back from his head, revealing lank greasy black hair and a scraggly beard.  Lighting a cigar, he cleared the back of his throat then spit on to the cobbles.

As one of the urchins returned for another armload the man said: “Make sure Miz Dizelle’s ok out in that back room.  Should be under one uh the flagstones near the back.”  The child nodded.

The gigantic man sighed.  “Well,” said Bib.  “Here we go agin.”

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  1. Sky Melnik Sky Melnik May 3, 2011

    Balancing carefully atop a roof in Sweetwater Square, Scottie and Sky diligently hang strings of lanterns for upcoming festivities. Their attention quickly turns as small urchin runs through the tunnel waving his arms excitedly.

    “Evenin’, Johnny!” Sky calls down to him in her typical happy tone.

    Noticing the rush of the youngster, Scottie quickly adds, “Someone chasing you, little fella?”

    After a shake of his head the urchin manages to gather enough breath to spit out, “Ol’ Underpants is back! ‘e brought that giant with him too!”

    Both sets of the Melniks’ eyes widen a bit, their bodies slightly tightening. Following a moment of silence Scottie simply says, “Huh.”

    “Drat,” Sky quietly mutters before reaching in her skirt pocket. Quickly tossing down a few coins to the boy she instructs, “Thank ya, Johnny. Please go let Mrs. Jed know straightaway.”

    The lad gives a big smile, “Already did! Erm, can I still keep th’ tip?”

    Sky and Scottie both visibly relax and laugh. “Yeah, go ahead. You deserve it,” Scottie says.

    Quickly turning on his heel, the urchin runs again to most likely spread the news.

    After giving each other a meaningful glance the Melniks go back to fiddling with the lanterns. A few thoughtful silences later, Sky says, “This’ll be intriguing…”

    “Yup,” Scottie replies with a chuckle.

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