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A good test backfiring

Recently Leon had managed to get his hands on a new playtoy something that  could come in handy for him, a grappling hook launcher he had shown the blueprints he toyed with to chess who was more then happy to make it but well now its made he had to test it, and test his nerve as he never liked heights. Well the test went well it did not blow up or anything, when he managed to tie off the rope and climb up the chimney stack well things seemd good till he accidently kicked the hook and watch it tumbling to the base of the chimney, now he had to figure a way out of this predicament. 

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  1. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell February 24, 2013

    There is something to be said for just *carrying* a grappling hook you know? (no I’m not chuckling…really, I’m not)

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