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A ghost in my study and unfinished work


Slightly more than two years ago, when
New Babbage was constructing it’s magnificent sewer system, the ruins
of a Medieval church crypt was found under my factory. Also at this
time, while stabilizing the ruins I found a large tome written by a
Sir Steamalot Bumblefoot. I began the translation of the Latin text
and posted sections of it in our former newspaper ((the old ning)).
Sadly I was called away soon after finishing that section of the

Tonight I was awoken by my trusty dog
Edison barking wildly. As I opened the door from my bedroom to make
my way to the study I suddenly heard him go quiet. Standing at the
stairs saw a ghostly figure petting him. Edison looked much calmer
and happier than I was. I approached the figure who was wearing a
knights armor and standing before me said “Gatsby Szuster, I am Sir
Steamalot. My soul has awakened to warn you. Your factory renovations
have awakened the monster that killed me.”



Shocked I asked “Monster… What can
you tell me?”

The ghost looked at me annoyed and
said “Look finish the translation and you will know all about this
creature… Didn’t you even look at the scary picture I drew in the
book?.. and here I am awake after 600 years… Don’t be a bugger and
just finish the translation…. If you had done that in the FIRST
place I could have stayed in bed…”

Then the ghost disappeared leaving me
alone in my study. I picked up the tome that has been on my shelve
for the past two years and began translating where I left off… In
the mean time I will post the completed section to my blog here.



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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg September 30, 2011

    Ahhh….cheeky ghosts are the best.  :-)

  2. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin September 30, 2011

    blimey, a ghost nagging you to get yer homework done? hehehe

  3. Serafina Puchkina Serafina Puchkina October 3, 2011

    Underground crypt? Ghost of a knight? Monster who awakens the ghost? Wonder what the translation will reveal? 

    And, do I want to really know?    *shivers*

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