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a fortuitous fall

as Mr Eliot sits calmly in his cell playing a rousing game of Chess with himself, he feels the floor start to vibrate, then watches as it buckles and falls away under him,

laughing he follows it down as  the building cascades after him in a rain of shattered bricks.

 some time later he wakes in a pool of noxious sludge in some disused sewer, the bars of his cell bowed over him like a protective hand

” lovely, well thats the first time Ive ever been happy to be behind bars”
pulling himself out of the rubble he muses”hmm left or right?doesn’t matter really, either way will lead to freedom, or death.

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  1. Hally Xiang Hally Xiang May 10, 2015

    As the building collapsed around her and the hole in the floor of her cell presented a clear escape she opted freedom over crushed to death by a collapsing ceiling.  Her escape into  the grunge covered sewer system had left her lost, but soon enough she believed she’d find her way back to the surface.

  2. Byron Wexhome Byron Wexhome May 11, 2015

    The sudden change in the underground typography was scouted and noted.


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