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a failed getaway

Olivia climbed the ladder from the motor launch up to the freighters deck,tossing the proffered 300 Q to the helmsman she watched him sail off before entering the darkness of the cabin passageway,

closing the hatchway door she leaned against it while her eyes adjusted to the gloom ” if I get out of here, Im never leaving Paris again!” she whispered to her self as she slunk down the passage,

just get out of Babbage and she’ll be safe she thought,after all the captain of this ship is easily bribed to do what she wants, and if money isn’t enough , well there are other ways to curry favor,

she reached the steerage cabins, the last place any one would look for a Lady and closed the door as she walked in, she suddenly went crashing to the deck as something heavy struck the backs of her knees”you forgot your suitcase dear Olivia”violet purred in her ear,

‘Auntie Violet , wait you don’t understand’ Olivia cried as the first slap landed,

” oh don’t I “Violet growled at her” you my dear niece were trying to escape before I found out you disobeyed me’the older Rabbit grasped the younger s hair and pulled her to her feet”I told you no more protests, DID I NOT!”

Olivia lowered her eyes ” yes Auntie you did”

“and you didn’t listen, why?’Violet asked sweetly

Violet watched, that slight look to the left Olivia made just before she tried to lie to her “well Mary heard from Hally that poor defenseless cats were being put through torturous experiments in  the building, and that  Moreau would soon be next, we had to do something”

Violet turned her back on her Niece” and you thought that a bunch of mangy cats were more important than listening to me?”

“no Auntie, i only went to keep Mary under control, you know how she gets?”Olivia replied,

 “yes i do Olivia, only half as bad as you do”the older Rabbit turned back to face her Niece “Mary is your little lap dog, following you around blindly doing anything you wish ,

“Olivia rose “Mary is not like that at all she said”

Violet stared down at her and Olivia flinched ” you dare to contradict me?”Olivia looked down ” no auntie”

very well ” Violet replied “so what happened?”


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