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A Double Anniversary

A spirit, long held captive within the Nacht Mahrt, Heliotrope Lionheart, had been released from his prison that fateful night earlier this week.  Now, one year after his death and the marriage of the last Sinclaire, he scratched an itch on the back of the creature he now possessed.  He would have to thank that cat he supposed as the bird shook itself.

Aessesser, the raven who he had forced to stay by his side as a child, had still been in New Babbage all of this time.  It had followed one doomed soul after another, and in the dream scape had found Henri weak though still protected.  The bird had always hated him, but had also come to care for him in it’s own twisted way.  It took him into him, and the two now shared its form.

His deal had said he would never manifest in the physical world again, it had been unspecific about possession or precariously existing here in other ways.  Laughing to himself, in a laugh that only the mad or an otherworldly creature would hear as Henri’s own and not a ravens call, and to only Henri’s ears sounded gently benevolent, he took flight over the city.

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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn July 21, 2012

    No good can come from this…. none at all….

  2. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold July 22, 2012

    Arnold made his way to port on his way to see Njal, when he saw her, the Melniks, and Brother Lapis standing together.  He went to greet them and said hello to Njal who was leaving with Brother Lapis.  He would have followed them but then he saw the raven. 

    No one else seemed to see the glowing hat or the cape it was wearing as it flew up to him.  It cawed, but he heard the dead man’s voice, “Thanks cat.” 

    Mr. Melnik didn’t seem to hear it as he tried to say his goodbye’s as well, but Arnold didn’t hear him.

    “Well we’re headed up to clean-“

    Arnold twitched, and Scottie Melnik arched a brow at his sudden movement.  It was too much….exploding hypnotic devices, stupid work crews, metal raptors, Heliotrope
    unconcious and out of control, dozens of new patients, running out of
    room to accomadate them all, Dr. Maddox pregnant, a fae who might try to
    steal her child or might not even exist, giant fricking electric eels!  That wasn’t enough but now Henri Metier had somehow, someway, somewhy possessed a bird!

    The cat twitched again and then grabbed the side of his head and roared and then screamed his frustration.  Scottie Melnik tilted his head, “I don’t think I’ll ever understand cats.”  His wife raised her eyebrows and nodded to Scottie.

    Arnold twitched again, and then made his way to see Njal.  She usually cheered him up.

    • Brother Lapis Brother Lapis July 23, 2012

      Brother Lapis did not hear the cat approaching the shabby row of houses built up against the east rampart of Clockhaven. He was already upstairs with Njal.  And they were very, very, busy. 

  3. Dr. Cyberusfaustus Dr. Cyberusfaustus July 23, 2012

    Dr. Cyberusfaustus was just tidying up from his recent bout of renovations. Taking a rare moment of peace to enjoy the view from his Clocktower, he was suddenly startled to see a raven perched upon the iron bars of one of the windows. Odd, he had not seen a raven in this part of town in quite a while. Yet, there was something familiar about this bird. It cocked its head and looked at him in that way that ravens do: either with wisdom or sizing up their next meal – depending upon the nature of the bird. Something about this one made the doctor feel it was more likely the latter. He shuddered. Then the bird let out a stuttered call, but something about it was not like a raven. Cyberusfaustus was shocked to think, it sounded vaguely like the laughter of that poor possessed madman, Metier, and some of his ‘voices’. Poor Metier. The doctor had hoped the beliegered tool of the other world might have found some peace. Apparently not. He sighed. Looking up he saw good old Mauritz resting in his perch. What would a struggle between an aetherically enhanced bat and a possessed raven look like? One thing was certain. The physical reality of this building would not endure it alone. Good thing he had begun shoring up the spiritual defenses of the building in preparation for Zombie season. Well, best to give the aetheric foundations and supports another check. The raven flew off. With a shrug and another sigh, the doctor climbed down the ladder and back to his work, wondering if he should put out a bird feeder.

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