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A Disagreeable Letter

May 18, 188*

Dear Professor Worbridge,

The Ad Astra Society congratulates you on the completion of the Whale Oil refinery. Captain Lupindo has reported that he has taken over operations of the refinery.
We acknowledge that you prefer to be making discoveries that could advance our knowledge of natural history rather than to have been assigned this building project. Sir Thomas, and his Grace, has been made aware of the conflicts that have arisen between Captain Lupindo and yourself. We know he is an unsavory fellow, but he is the man for the job.

The Society appreciates your work and know that you are eager to start you study of the Flightless Cormorant. (Phalacrocorax harrisi)
Your request for funding, for your expedition to the Amazon Plateau, will be reviewed after we receive your report.

You may leave for the Galapagos Islands when you have your equipment packed. Your ship, the Clockhaven Queen, is still in dry-dock and would not be suitable for a long sea journey. Unfortunately, the only available ship near New Babbage is the Sea Wolf which, you know, Captain Lupindo owns. Sir Thomas apologizes for this inconvenience.



*Closes the letter*


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