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A Crumb saves an Urchin! The snake is looking a bit green.

*Another flyer*  The snake has struck again, or at least we can be reasonably sure
that it was the same snake after an eyewitness saw it swimming in the
canals where they are dumping waste.  While it may have a green tinge
for the moment, that hasn’t stopped it and another street urchin was

The urchin, known as Gilhooly, had been walking down the
street when he turned the corner and found himself looking at the
large, though now green, serpent.  He ran as fast as he could and
retreated into a building, but the serpent followed him in and bit his

His cries for help hadn’t gone unheard and were answered by
two men who were in the area, Emerson Lighthouse and the man who is
sometimes known as ”Emperor Crumb” or just ”Emperor” found them just as the snake was about to have it’s meal.  ”Crumb”, whose
courage might have been born due to insanity, ignorance, and/or alcohol,
stomped on the floor valiantly attempting to scare it off, we’re not sure if he was armed or not.  Surprisingly the snake
departed without a fight, leaving Emerson and Crumb to try getting the boy to the
hospital to make sure the child would not die of any venom the Beast may
possess.  Luckily a staff member at the hospital had been running by and stopped to help, and another urchin who was testing his craft in the canals gave them a ride to the facility.

The boy was treated, as well as Emerson though the staff refused
to reveal why and told us to ‘ask him ourselves’.  They also told us
later that they had taken blood samples in order to discover if there was any kind of venom but there was no evidence of any, though there were
several chemicals that could be considered dangerous.  Given the Beast’s new color, it didn’t take long to discover the compounds are the same that have been found in the
waste being dumped into the canals.


*Snakes perspective*  The snake would tell you, if it could that is, that it had gotten a
taste of the little furry walker and the actual taste hadn’t been what it had expected
from the scent.  It had been feeling odd in the past day or two, and it’s ability to select it’s dinner by scent had been playing tricks on it.  This wasn’t the first time it had selected it’s dinner in that time only to find it wasn’t edible, and it had already been debating whether or not it would eat the tiny one when those larger walkers had shown up.  It had decided in the end that it wasn’t hungry enough to fight for the dinner if they wanted it so badly for themselves, though it pitied them the taste.

It wasn’t sure yet if it would continue to rely on it’s ablity to smell food or if it would just go after what it knew to be edible before it had started to feel odd.

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  1. Emperor Crumb Emperor Crumb May 20, 2011

    It is my duty to protect the citizens of New Babbage.  All in a day’s work.

  2. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin May 20, 2011

    well done Emperor Crumb, Sir! an Gilhooly, what is it with you an yer legs? if you ain’t a breaking em you are getting snakes snacking on em!

  3. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse May 20, 2011

    *Emerson Lighthouse appreciates the doctor-patient confidentiality*

  4. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra May 21, 2011

    So that was what that excitement was about.

    I’d have lended a hand, but the situation seemed well enough in hand already so I tended my own affairs.

    Turtle soup. Mmmm.

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