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A correspondence

It appears that neither of us shall have the time for a proper meeting with one another, so I will endeavor to explain my proposal.

During the crisis which threatened this city, I was made aware of several specimens which appear to remain an enigma to scholars.  I am speaking of entities such as the ‘cloud angels’, ‘Malkuth’, the manifestation, and others of interest.

Since that endeavor I researched available knowledge on the specimens that could be found in New Babbage, but the information is hard to come across and could not compare to what I could accomplish with the samplings themselves.  With proper study and thorough examination these creatures could lead us to unprecedented breakthroughs in any number of fields.  As such I wish to experiment upon the entity contained within your walls.  What these experiments would entail I would rather describe in person and not in a letter so I could prove the necessity for such measures.   I will state simply that the comfort of the specimen would not be a priority. 

I have heard that you are an emergent intelligence and may find the proposal disheartening, but if you are willing to listen I would speak of this with you at a more opportune time.

I would also appreciate your discretion about these correspondences.  Some individuals view these specimens with awe or wonder, while others see them with reverence.  I am sure that you at least will comprehend my meaning when I say that to a true scientist nothing can be held sacred.  

Master Zdhar Canergak

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