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A Closing Note to New Babbage …

Greeting New Babbage

Well I have taken some time to think about this .. SO here it goes ..

“Sooner or later this happens to everyone …. to everyone !!

“You can live lonely ..heavy as stone .. live your life .. running .. working alone
.. Say this is all YOU Want .. But I don’t believe its true .. because .. when you least expect it .. waiting around the corner for you “Love comes quickly in what ever you do”

and Life will always get to you .. Sooner of later this happens to everyone
.. everyone ”

{Petshop Boys}

To give from your heart .. Time ,Passion .. funds, and effort is with out a
doubt The Ultimate

In good feeling .. Period !!!

The Clock winder often said to me when I would try and speak of Relay For
Life of Second Life ..

Second Life is suppose to fun !!!

Yes it is .. I concur .. However for a Team Captain and a Person who is
trying to organize put together and execute Momentum’s

in a calm, non imposing and all in staying in a conducive manor .. Please
note that .. Yeah “That game Thing”

can be a challenge ..Oh add in the factor yeah I happen to care .. About
the Cause, The Community and the said people ie characters or person behind the

Make no doubts folks … We each have real lives .. I really do not bring
my real life into second life .

Like gee the pressures of ..

1) When i am trying to save a client as I work free lance .. That is a 100%
commission . I do not have the have the gift of a regular salary !

2) Live on a summer resort .. My home turns into some what of a Bed and
Breakfast to close friends and family !

3) I happen to be a passionate woman that cares !

I could go on .. Alas I think the point is made …
When working on Relay For Life .. a great of time and effort goes into

in so many ways to keep it fun and creative and most important Not Impose

Heck we did not even make a New Babbage RFL group .. Why ???

Because it might be a negative .. or imposing .. or get taken the wrong ..
way etc etc . etc .

People this community is special Yes .. But let’s face none of us are of
the Norm ..

Not a bad thing mind .. Alas it can be a challenge to work with and around
So if it is Not Imposing on wonderful .. role players and story tellers
here ..

I am taking a bit of time .. to state somethings for the record !

I would like to thank a few people for Making the 2011 Relay for Life of
Second Life Season Quite Powerful .. Moving ,Unforgetable and most Special

For and to New Babbage ..

** I would also like my thoughts documented this year ..

*** So there is No Confusion !!

To Scottie and Sky for making the Ladies of New Babbage Calender months
before we even Started and donating their time, efforts and all of it’s funding
to RFL !!!

To Bookworm .. my dear friend and often Right arm .. hand and trusted Allie

To Av .. for being not only The black Unicorn that touched my own Heart but
for just always being there .. everywhere really !! smiles .

To Rip Wirefly .. an old and dear Friend who made ,and took the time and
sure did step up for the cause .. doing Three auctions Raising over 250,000.00

To Tesla for her wonderful whimsy creative !

To Beq .. for her smiles posing and pointing .. and handy penmanship for
the Steamland we all Love !

To Jimmy for his brave snail Racing early on and his own generosity ..

To Edward and Victor for devoting the time , hearts and own reputations for
the cause in the name for Babbage !

To The Clock winder for Our First Land auction .

To Kimika for her kindness and Dragonfly ..

To Nix Sands .. for his villain Car ..

To Gabi for being brave to do this year’s jail and bail ..

To The Amazing and Modest Cutea for her endless Generosity with sponsoring
a Ball .. The Shoes The Shoes !! and endless other wonderful creative !!

To Obs and Amadeus .. for the secret garden and Train !!

To the tender creative heart of Hya ..

To Canolli for her Signature Windmill .

To each of the brave souls that stood up to be auctioned ..

To each of you who so stepped up with the funds and time with heart to
support each of them and the cause !

To my good Friend The Evil Doctor O for the gunk tank, the jails .. being
jailed ..monocle . ahh and the stepping up to create the box launcher .. The
merryman Clank Union .. endless other generous and thoughtful time and thought
.. ((just to name a few bits of the amazing camp site build )) ..

To AE ..My Co Captain and The Build Captain of the New Babbage Build Team
.. Who has had quite the hectic and full own real life ..

Yet still was able to do his annual “Swoop” ..3rd year standing ..
and create a new phrase for Breezy ..*Mean -evil * (insert an eye roll here )

To The New Babbage Camp Site Build Team

Satu, Night , Nat , Obs, Amadeus .. Doc O .. and AE who’s builds all
together brought two Gold awards home to New Babbage ..

Not too shabby folks .. Good Stuff ..

I am not sorry for pushing for structure and organization !

I am not sorry for pushing for a raised bar in performance !

Praise and Quality work does not come by wearing a New Babbage tag it must
be earned !

Each of these characters should be recognized and commended for doing so !

Relay For Life is not for the weak at heart .. It is the big time .. for
pressure and under the gun building .. emotion and passion !!

There is no way around it ..

It challenges your heart mind and soul ..

It does not come without .. dysfunction…

One best have their own personal best game on, due to the fact, it is one
heck of a ride ..

It will challenge you .. Make you think .. Play with your own mind and Just
is the Ultimate in stamina ..

This is the big time On second Life for building Period !!

It is your Sunday Best .. and it is team building and so not personal !!

Alas it is is art , so of course it is taken to heart .. thus sure it
becomes personal .

Paradox .. You Bet it is !!!!

I have had the privilege of being New Babbage Team Captain two separate
years now .. Pretty rare, damn powerful experiences ..

I have had the glory of Bringing home The gold to the clock winder each
time ..

*Both years we did a region and camp site . folks ..

Both years both builds brought in awards !

We are New Babbage the city of Industry and A Community of Building !!

The first year I hand picked the build team ..

This year I did not . *smiles* alright i might have dragged a couple in ..

I am going say something to each you .. Some think this is easy .. Trust me
it is not .

1) Team Building is not for everyone .. It is the big league !

2) It is a Most dynamic journey and One Must be flexible Period !!

a) things will be rejected . asked to be altered and adjusted ..Yes even
after you have worked hard on something .. It just happens !

b) as the time passes , so do the white kit gloves .

c) no one is here to push anyone around .. however, Productivity is the
name of this game !

d) It is simply the goal to create something that will be the very best in
such a way !

1) It all has to be Just right .. Yeah It all has to come together , beyond
your own eyes ..

In order to make a lasting impression,in being unforgettable ,

From One Team for One Powerful Cause ..

** I will say this to each of YOU .. Until you complete the whole ride
and journey of a true Relay ..

You do not understand the high and good feeling inside your heart mind and
soul !!!

The true Journey is to except and go with the flow and realize it is Not
about yourself ..

There is No one in team building , No Place to hide and it can hurt !!!!

It is about Representing others in and for an Amazing Cause Period

It is the Ultimate experience and Rush when all is said and done and you
have done

said paces .. Each ride ((year)) is different but the feelings and Rush to
those that get it .

Always amazing !!

As I pass the Baton back to the Clock winder for next person to be
the RFL New Babbage team captain of

2012 season , I wish that person and this community the very best .. I
care so much about it .

Perhaps too much .. looks out and thinks for moment .. daydreams of my own
first days and months of entry here

years ago .. and challenges to the “Right of Passages to her” .. smiles ..
and sighs .. Indeed I Love New Babbage ..

Thank You for your time as well as each of your own hearts and minds of
the moment .. and the privilege of caring and doing !

Carry on !

twirls out .. stage right .. with a big smile ..

always .

Breezy Carver Fabre

New Babbage RFl Team Captain

2009 and 2011 ..
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  1. Doctor Obolensky Doctor Obolensky July 26, 2011

    Thank you, Breezy.

    I don’t think many people appreciate just how much work goes into organizing these things.

    We as the industrious Babbagers we are, tend to remember the builders, and forget the organizers.   Although without them, we’d all probably be forgetting the rules, notecards that have to be turned in, and the horrible torture that is meetings.

    I appreciate it.


    -Doc O

  2. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra July 26, 2011


    The whole RFL proect is a huge undertaking even for those of us who mostly watched. It can’t be any easier on the organizers. 

    Much appreciated.

  3. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau July 26, 2011

    ::hugs Breezy tight:: And thank you, Breezy. We couldn’t have gotten through it without you.

  4. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon July 26, 2011

    Well said Breezy. And it must be said, thank you for all you have done. It’s been a very impressive RFL this year and one wonders just how next years team will follow this! Most impressive!

  5. Aeolus Cleanslate Aeolus Cleanslate July 26, 2011

    I mentioned to a fellow resident the other day that RFL is easily the longest, deepest, and most intense group effort New Babbage has the courage to attempt. We do lots of things around here, but nothing RFL.

    In some (very superficial) ways RFL season is like going into a battle. We have dreams of glory and success based on tales of past victories, but realize quickly it’s not all fun. Fear of failure and conflicts and necessary compromises between people under pressure result, but in the end we stick around it because we want to uphold the honor of our City, and be part of a cause bigger than ourselves, and because we don’t want to let each other down. Thank goodness we’ve had someone like you to lead and plead and wheedle and encourage us to see it through, Breezy. Keeping us all moving forward is no mean feat, but it means that we get to share in the collective success at the end. It also shows what we amazing things we can accomplish together.

    I can’t wait to see (after a suitable eight month hiatus to rest up) what we accomplish next year.


  6. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 26, 2011

    As amazing as RFL is, I have seen and notice it to be rather dramatic, stressing, and a bit obnoxious in it’s ways of gathering donations. That being said, it is a HUGE undertaking to put your foot forward (and possibly your neck out) in anyway, shape or form to compile and organize this. So congratulations to you Breezy for your bravery and continued enlarged heart.

    This year was a learning experience for me, and very much so an eye opener on what takes place behind the scenes of RFL, what goes into it, and what the final results can bring forth with a little effort, a lot of cooperation and a WHOLE lot of humble communication. So congratulations EVERYONE on another year of true grit and endurance of the notices, the prim wrangling, and each other.


    I can see why New Babbage is the “Land of the Builders” for we all build on this community in some way, every day…

  7. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver July 26, 2011

    Smiles …thank you for the kind words .. ..I do enjoy the magic, find enjoyment in the chalenge .. It was not my intentions to look for praise .. It never is .. Background work is seldom appreciated nor noticed .. For the most part I do not mind, Not ever being “the star” in this world .. smiles

    I have a real life and a cat and dog for that :) ..

    Bianca, the first sentence to your most lovely reply saddens me ..Oh yes I know its cool to state .. the facts of how yourself and “Others” feel ..

    1. But here is the thing .. Cancer is a pretty obnoxious Disease!
    2. It effects One out of every five people !
    3. As someone who, *years ago* had been quite all alone in the middle of the night and needed a faceless friend and called a stranger on a 24 hour ** ACS help Line** ( that are now funded with RFL donations by the way )number and found a voice that listened to my tears ,as I had just lost my mother to Stomach cancer and I just did not know , After learning some pretty awful news ..
    4. I Just did not how I could handle watching my own 42 yr older sister ((stage 4 cervical cancer )) .. die .

    There is an old saying .. The Harder/Higher The Risk the Bigger The Reward .

    Relay For Life in any World is not for all .. that is all .. Again I am sorry you found The fund raising efforts .. obnoxious .. as extreme efforts this year were made not to intrude ..

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 26, 2011

      Yes, I understand where you are coming from Breezy dear, and can see how my words may of seemed “insensitive” in a way. However, that is not the case nor my intentions and as black and white and often emotionaless as text is, I did not mean to seem “uncaring”. From what I have heard, you have been doing nothing but amazing things for RFL, the work you’ve put into, and the flack you’ve gotten over the past years so by no means was it a personal attack or meant to be seen as such.

      As for me (not to put my families life story out there) RFL has been involved in my family and friends before I even knew what SL was and being still somewhat new around it in SL, I was just suprised to see some people take it to a more competitive level for the good of fame for themselves instead of for the project of fundraising as a whole! It was disheartening to see for myself though I have heard it could be that way. RFL is for survivors… it’s to benefit people struggling with the disease…not to prove who’s the best at raising money. Make sense? *hugs*

      • Edward Pearse Edward Pearse July 27, 2011

        *covers Breezy’s ears*

        You’re not the first person to have
        commented on this Bianca, nor do I think you’ll be the last. In RL I
        probably only hear about RFL maybe two weeks beforehand, at most. The 6
        month+ haul of SLRFL can get overwhelming, though I have to say it has toned down in recent years (if you think it’s over the top now, you don’t want to know what it was like).

        have issues with the way SLRFL is conducted. I’ve made my complaints
        before and have seen nothing to make me change my opinion. This has
        upset some people (not just Breezy) but tough.

        I choose not to
        participate in SLRFL. I have no vendors or kiosks and I don’t make my
        events for SLRFL. I did do the DJ Playoff, but that was mainly as a favour to Breezy. I do however appreciate the builds that go into the
        SLRFL track. I’ve helped with the builds in the past and am continually
        amazed at what people will come up with each year.

        I’ve learnt to
        just filter out most of the SLRFL stuff. Yes I think RFL is a worthy
        cause. I just don’t believe it so overwhelms all others as to require
        over half the year devoted to it. So for the most part I just quietly
        ignore it (though the occasional bit of snark creeps into chat now and

        Some people will turn anything into a competition. Thankfully a lot of the competativeness has gone, various groups will combine under one banner to do their fundraising (like the Aether Chrononauts).  Even then I’ve heard of one person who was peeved that Babbage got a Best Build award.

  8. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver July 27, 2011

    Bianca .. Thank You for your thoughtful reply .. I am simply going to close with these explanations .. with no hard feelings .. I do hope :)

    My Only reason for doing so is because if people do not know and understand the true meanings of Relay For Life .. then all was for not .. In second life Relay lasts a wee bit longer .. Perhaps too long .. Perhaps Not .. smile .. it a roll of the buck dice on that one .. As I do see and comprehend each side of the coin .. All I know is It is supose to be a Life- Changing event .. it is suppose to be build build build .. to be Quite intense .. as that is what the monster does .. So as relayers this is what we do .. Yes To Fight Back !!!

    Infact there is even a Fight Back Lap .. at the end !

    What is Relay For Life?

    The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease.

    At Relay, teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events up to 24 hours in length.


    Philosophy – Why We Relay

    The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

    ** And Now I am going to go be a little nerd and Watch Gene Simmons Propose to Sharon after 26 something years or so .. because I do love a Happy Ending :) .. **

    • Yang Moreau Yang Moreau July 27, 2011

      A life changing event, well said, Breezy!! This year for me, it was definitely an eye opener. It was the first year I participated as a runner. And I saw far more friends than I expected on the track and on the sidelines cheering us all on. To me, it was absolutely amazing and I cried so much, in both joy and sorrow.

      It also showed me how much of SL I’ve traveled in how many people I knew from all over the grid who were there from all the years I’ve been in SL. From RacerX Gullwing of the Snail Races to DB Digital Epsilon one of my dearest friends from the SS Galaxy and other survivors from the survivor support group and now so many new friends from all over the Steamlands. And Baron Wulfenbach personally had me crying in both gratitude and rememberance when he dedicated some of his luminaries to me and my dad and two of my friends who were lost to cancer and asked me about each of them.

      I honestly have not had such an emotional day in many years, and seldom have I been half so moved by anything found within the digital realms. And that’s not even covering the experience of seeing the completed builds! I only wish I had had more time to explore the sim build from Rip’s team! It was beautiful and it had a story I only had the chance to find a couple of notes from.

  9. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh July 27, 2011

    Homage to Miss Breezy, and to all who put themselves into this amazing effort.

    To step outside of oneself to help others is a grand thing.


  10. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver July 27, 2011


    and this is precisely
    why I wished my own thoughts to be documented .. this year !

    Haters are nothing new
    *They* are in every world and are able to validate themselves..

    on just about any and
    every topic ..

    In conclusion ..

    New Babbage 2011 RFLSL

    Started late ((as we
    always do ))

    March 26th to July

    Grand Total for NB 2011
    Relay Team

    L$ 1,146,395

    Grand Total for Relay For Life of Second
    Life 2011 Season


    vendors and Kiosk
    will go puff all by them selves .. on July 30th 2011

    thank you

    and again .. can
    only hope it was not too painful this season ..

    ducks from said
    haters and twirls off quietly into the great big Internet ..

  11. Leia Rossini Leia Rossini July 28, 2011

    Breezy, thank you for taking on the organization of Babbage’s efforts with such grace and organization and energy.  You and the entire team have MUCH to be proud of. 

    Your spirit and soul shine brightly and whoever takes on the role of captain will have very big shoes to fill.  :)

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