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A Bit of Dark! Home Coming Party at The Society Club Saturday

Once again, I will be traveling to far off places and Sound Smithing at the Society Club on Saturday, Oct. 2 from 3-5pm!

This venue encourages Steampunk, Formal, or Victorian attire, but we aren’t militant about it.  Feel like Steamy goodness?  Show off your grinding gears!  Feel like a nut?  Come as an Almond Joy.  The only thing we ask is no child avatars.  Apologies to the Urchins, but this venue is on an adult sim, and it may be rated R for Adult Situations and Screwy Linden rules.

I’m going to be spinning some Old School Goth, Dance, and New Wave.  Curious?  Here’s a sample platter of musical Hors d’Oveures:

Rosetta Stone
Danielle Dax
Fields of the Nephilim
Joy Division
Sisters of Mercy

. . .and more!

Mr. Morat will be trying to stump my collection.  Feel free to help him out.  If you stump me, I will give you a flashy new pair of eyes from Avatar Bizarre!

Your Zeppelin Awaits. . .

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