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A Bit Late to the Celebration

Oktoberfest was officially over and everything was returning to normal when Beryl arrived at their destination of Duisberg days after they had departed.  They’d have prefered to travel further south to reach their intended destination, but this had been their closest option.

Though Oktoberfest was over, Beryl felt that it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to see if there were any that might still be celebrating or have decorations out still.  They made their way around the city on all fours while ignoring the looks of those around them.

The city was an industrial port city that reminded them of New Babbage, though the most notable difference was that the buildings were structured and sane.  There were no furniture stores shaped like a cabinet or any of the other eccentric builds which gave Babbage it’s eccentric character.  They passed the city hall and a few other locations while scouring the city, and here and there were some posters about the event that they had missed. There were also more men walking around openly armed with sabre’s meant to offer duels and far less women who were armed, openly or otherwise.

From the moment they had left the transport they had realized how difficult it would be to find their direction in a place where they did not comprehend the language.  They understood German no better now than when they had left as Beryl had never had a gift for tongues.  Even learning English had been a trial that had taken place gradually over five years, and it had taken Maddox to clean that up.

Eventually they gave up and began the journey south.  They didn’t stop for provisions, they had a fair idea that there would be enough prey along the way.

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