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30L per week? Indeed! Move in special

We have four rooms left at Iron Seahorse Inn, and our dimensionally confused and discombobulated slumlord I mean landlord, is so disturbed he’s gone crazy and cut the price.

The bar has been upgraded a bit. The rats have been de-ratted, and we stole a piano from some saloon in Caledon.

$90L for your first week gets you two free weeks added on at time of move-in. That’s 30L per week for the first three weeks. No longer must you change clothing in misery and shame inside an empty under the city wall.  The rooms are surprisingly large in this converted warehouse, and afford a fine view to places north.

 25 Prims per room. Free furniture package available.

Iron Seahorse Inn has direct waterway access via the southern route to the Vernian, or by canal boat to places in the interior and beyond.  Walkway access to the main road. We are located south of Red’s Revenge.


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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin June 13, 2011

    scuse me! that’s my crate under the City Wall! don’t want no-one changing in me crate, it’s mine, so they better off renting in your place, anyhow, my crate ain’t miserable, it’s nice an comphy, an dry and warm, so ya boo sucks ter you!

    errrrrr….. anyhow, i only got me one set of clothes……..

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