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24th of the Month of The Resplendant Scale, Summer of the Bad Horse, Year of the Raptor’s Might

(Per the Raptor’s Order, the chronicle’s dating system will now reflect something similar to that of Jurrassic Babbage)

The most reviered velociraptor, Doctor Dinosaur, had sent out packs of Metalraptors  to hunt the evil evilness of the shadow cat called Arnold, and stop any loose ends in his glorius plot to rule the city.  He had already bested the Bad Horse!  (though the chronicaller has had to admit to odd dreams of firey equines of late, and waking up mistakenly chanting ‘Horse” rather than Raptor, but I make amends though the Dinosaur’s forgiveness and carry on!). 

The Whatcher’s were continuously transmitting back visual reports on the metalraptor’s hunts through the city, while the weak minded fools slept to dream of the hor-I mean Raptor!  No! No, I swear on my undying devotion to the great Raptor it will not happen again!  Anyway, It was terribly exciting watching from an areal view, on the large moving mirror on board the airship, as packs of brass Dynoneitche- Dynonike- Dynamo’s…… packs of brass raptors stalked through the streets,  surrounding the asylum (I remember that place! they had aweful food there!).  The Magnificent alpha predator was pleased, expecting to see the black cat soon masticated to itty bits on the mexharaptor’s metal teeth.

The Agent of the Raptor, Tux, was still huddled on the cooling unit of the ship, twitching in his sleep and…neighing?  eitherway, he was missing the action! 

oh, I was just informed I was required to go stare directly into the eye of the mentok Device again to adjust my thoughts away from horses, I will return with another page of the glorius history!  Hail the Raptor!!!

-Reginald K. Oswong: former journalist of the New Babbage *illedgible*:  Current Chronicaller of the Glorious Lord Doctor Dinosaur Runner, the 12th!!!

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