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22nd of July, 188X: What happened to the metalraptor

The visual report eventually arrived from the Watcher linked with MetalRaptor #27.  I  had just been hired by The Raptor , (mighty be his name!  I am so glad I quit my job as a journalist to aid his mighty endeavors!) to record his life for his glorius biography (soon to be required reading once he gains control of everything)  He was in the library on board the Time Egg, going through some religious texts on the Builder , crossing out every instance of the word “the Builder’ and scrawling in ‘the Raptor’ over it.  The Raptor was interrupted by Agent Tux as the diminutive penguin passed the handheld viewer over. 

  The raptor watched as the cat took off with the peices of the wrecked device, and Heliotrope damaged #27, up to 27’s self destruction sequence in the canal.  Then he crushed the device, cutting his claw up a bit in the process.  “They have a receiver, an operable one?  this is no good!!!  I should have recycled that faulty automoton and sent in someone else!  or done it myself!!  but still….he did injusre the horse, maybe there is a silver lining……HA! he won’t go swinging sledgehammers again will he?!  alright!  the feline took the peices somewhere, send metal raptors, watchers, and retreive the peices, and the working one, we’ll move it somewhere’s like the Clockwinder’s clocktower or something, yes, it should get better range from there anyway.  The cat?  oh, find where he hid the damaged unit, then, I don’t know, BBQ him and bring him back here, I haven’t tried cat yet.  now go!”

The Penguin had returned to the airship , the Klaw, and programmed a squad of metalraptor’s sending them out to spread through the city and hunt for the cat and the purloined device.

The raptor’s as had become Doctor Dinosaur’s habit, were followed by a mobile aireal recording device, watcher’s, resembling some bat-winged creature of brass, they were a marvelous design that only the Raptor’s infinite wisdom could come up with!


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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold July 23, 2012

    Arnold looks out the second story window of the asylum as he finishes nursing professor Lionheart, and then shakes his head half giggling.

    “Now I know I’m seeing things, even I can’t be that unlucky.”

    The sound of the front door breaking, as well as the boards placed over the window buckling from below caused the cat to twitch violently, “APPARENTLY I CAN BE!  RAPTURE! JOY!

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