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2015 christmas broadcast update

I’m closing the submission process for the holiday podcast tomorrow night, and opening submisions for audio snippets if you want to record your own greetings to be added to the show. send to mr.tenk at the geeeeeeeemail.

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  1. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx December 6, 2015

    When do the submissions for Christmas greetings end?

    – Dr. Henry Jekyll

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk December 9, 2015

    i dunno… let’s say dec. 20th? i’ve been known to edit this thing right up the last minute. i think i’m shooting for christmas eve broadcast this time.

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk December 22, 2015

    if you are still working on a shout out.. please keep it short! no music! I am very close to the one hour mark on this one

    wait.. I know what….. I’ll send the 1 hour version to radio riel, then of there ends up being a. longer version to get all the greetings in, that will be the one I post to iTunes.

    carry on…

  4. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk December 23, 2015

    right, last change!

    i’ve got enough greetings in that i won’t be able to fit them in, so rather than to have to pick some and disappoint others, i’m putting none of them in the broadcast, and ALL of them in a blooper and greeting reel that i will upload seperately. that means you now have until i wake up on THURSDAY morning to get your recordings to me, and you don’t have to keep it super short.

    and you get the bloopers


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