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2011 Guy Fawks Fire Works Display & 5Th Annual New Babbage Burning Barrel Race – 5th & 6Th Novemeber


The Barrel Race and Guy fawks fall squished between Hallows Eve and Fleet week this year, so the two events traditionally seperated by a few days will follow each other on Saturday the 5th & Sunday the 6th.


Guy Fawks Night Canal Front Fire Works display – Saturday 5th of November

Fireworks will commence by the Old Imperial Theatre in Babbage Square at 4pm SLT, late for eurozoners but early for over the pond. Event lenghth approx 1 hour.


The 5th Annual Burning Barrel Race – Sunday the 6th of November

Gather at the starting point by the train station in Canal District at 2pm SLT. Traditionally the race will not start for at leaset 30 minutes while people are set up with their Barrels. Event length approx 2-4 hours depending on compitance at pushing barrels, faulse starts and land perms.

All are welcome to take part, there are no loosers as everyone who takes part is a winner for being so brave :)

If you are new to New Babbage this year and have never been to a Barrel Race before, here is a reminder of last years Race


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 21, 2011

    Yay! But can unicorns enter the barrel race?

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