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10.08.188x: signing the deed

After months of pengi scouring the canals and waterways for my peices, replacing what couldn’t be found, and stitching myself back peice by peice, I was more or less functionally walking again.  The ruins of the Oroboros plant had stopped smoking by now, no sign of the power source unfortunatly.  Unsure what to do with the failed power plant, I had been in the Bucket when I got speaking to an individual.  

A deal was eventually made and I sent the pengi to work clearing the wreckage.  Once the last charred brick was removed, I contacted him and here we are now, with me signing over the deed to the plant for 45o quatloons, and more importantly to me, a direct hookup to the power generator that will run the new automoton factory that will replace the burnt out plant.


I finished signing my name, a bit messy as # 34 had attached an extra left hand to my right arm by mistake, and passed the form to the Badger, who stamped it and signed as notary, before passing it to the green clawed hand of the large dinosaur standing in my study. “Well, that’s that then, I hope this factory turns out to be successful for you, this isn’t usually the neighborhood for them. but for all intents and purposes, welcome to Babbage Doctor.”

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