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09.26.18XX Deliveries

Grendel was in the lab, his heart on the table, as he wound upthe crank of a large machine off to the side and taking the metal tongs on the ends of two wires connected to the machine, began applying electric shocks , as the greenish-red lump of necrotized shoggoth muscle twitched and grew tentacles, “And that’s for trying to eat poor Mrs. Harris’s dog!” 


The Badger came to the doorway and waited patiently for Footman to finish , when the electric shocks continued, he cleared his throat.  Grendel turned around “what is it already? just spit it out! ”  “There’s a package for you sir.” “A package?”  “yes, a large crate, the pengi have hauled it to the observatory” 

Grendel set the tongs down , and taking the heart, dropped it in a jar “Now you think over what you’ve done!”  The Badger looked up at him “Is that really healthy sir?”  Footman looked at the empty chamber in his chest. “good point, I’ll be down in five minutes.”


Five minutes later, Grendel followed the short path from the house, to the observatory, a brass sheet bolted over his chest and the hissing sounds of a pneumatic pump sounding from within.   he approached the large crate surrounded by warking pengi, and an exaspirated man in a captian’s hat.  “Captian Marsh, I thought the ship was lost when communications ceased.  is this it then?”

“Aye, the meteorite?  th’ crew were complainin’ about all th’ work ta find and haul up a big stone from th’ ocean, but I tol’em we were paid well….ye are gonna pay right?”  Grendel waved off the captian “Yes, yes, go talk to the Badger, he’ll arrange payment. “

As Marsh went away with the Badger, both grumbling, Grendel grabbed a crowbar and pried the top off the crate, looking inside, he shut it and nodded to the pengi. 
alright, let’s get this into the tower.” 

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