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08.10.188x pt 2

Grendel was working on the reactor, tightening bolts and recalibrating as it shook and smoked.  An urchin wandered in, and despite all warnings of the unsafe nature of the building, insisted on hanging around asking questions about science goo and machines releiving themselves. Grendel finally explained that the building could easily explode, or be sucked into a 8th dimensional vortex, or eaten by something given this town. The urchin ran away, to watch from across the canal, as Grendel opened a maintenance access hatch.
“If i can just reverse the polarity of the containment fields, then everything should be just*


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  1. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain August 11, 2014

    *freezes in the middle of pouring tea and sniffs the air* Someone needs  a PR agent again…

  2. Professor Parx Professor Parx August 11, 2014

    Never reverse the polarity of the containment field while it’s running you fool!

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