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Mr Tenk


    Time has taken its toll on the Aether Salon and the scripts are no longer functional, and its builder sleeps amongst our honored dead. This will be the 3rd incarnation of the Aether Salon. The build straddles a sim line so that it can accommodate more avatars for special events.  The lot is two 512 lots side by side, making one 1024 square lot (32×32) with a sidewalk easement.  Prim allowance for the lot is 312 x 2. The lots do not share prims. What is physical in one sim is phantom in the other. Keep in mind that the Salon staff would like to have prims left over for furnishings and snacks.

    Place builds (full scale) on designated lots on the special platform above the Engineer’s Platform Above The Fells. A mock-up of the street will be provided.