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A faint blush creeps across Ms. Harper’s cheeks and she lowers her eyes, “Sadly, no, I merely rent accommodations in your fair town. Reduced in circumstances I am no longer able to maintain the obligations of Society, or entertain as is proper for my station. And yet, I am somehow not quite fit to enter among the worthies of the town either.

“I have tried to show civic spirit. I have created a kitchen and a schoolroom for the poor urchins and given them succor during unfortunate misunderstandings with the Town watch. But they do not trust me either, though I extend my pittance to keep food on the table which disappears only when I make myself absent.

“It is a sad pass. I shall have to consider some other place where I can be accepted more fully.

“Thank you for your directness, Mr. Tenk.”

Walks quietly away with such dignity as she can muster.