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Mr Tenk


sponsor: Junie Ginsburg & The Gangplank

prizes: nerdy bragging rights + an undisclosed amount of Tenkers (Cardano wallet required)

We know about the Imperial Quatloo that is still used to count wagers, the New Babbage Mark, Fobs, Sprockets, and the ten mark bill commonly call a tenker, right?

This isn’t a joke – Tenkers are also a cryptocurrency on the Cardano blockchain. No, it wasn’t my idea, but it was minted this year by someone here in town. The powers that be in crypto world have asked for a logo, but one has designed it yet. Final designs should be submitted in png format and look good in circle format. It might need a motto while you’re at it.

Sounds like another get quick rich scheme from those reprobates at the Gangplank to me, but there it is.

Rez coins on the picnic table in the back room of the Exhibit Hall.

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