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Mr Tenk


    sponsor – Br. Rafael Savas & City Archives

    prizes TBA

    This is the storytelling category, but if you want to build an artifact to go with your story, I’ll find a place to rez them. (I suppose the newer folks have never seen the Mace of Olaf, so I will find a space. Proably at City Hall. Stay tuned)

    Our city as,  we know it, is build on top of a much older city, which we know a lot less about. But relics remain in the bizarre and archaic ceremonies performed throughout the year, the civic offices that are little more than ceremonial, and.. ah..  other stuff.

    Those in the know suspect that the real reason Mr Tenk tolerates Mr Underby is just so he has someone to perform certain mayoral duties for him.

    Members of the City Watch have been particularly loud in advocating preservation of these archaic rites (especially if no one else cares), which, I suppose, is why they have persisted. (The City Watch is just like that, ya know? Those guys…)

    Post (early and often) what you know in this forum thread, clearly marked so we know it’s an entry.

    Recommended inspirations: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld,  Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake,