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Junie Ginsburg

    This was a great contest! We had 22 entries by the end (which is why it took longer to compile the results), and it was tricky to narrow them down, but we’ve made a decision! The winner is Victor Mornington, for his suggestion of Galene, the goddess of calm seas. So please join me in welcoming Galene of the Gangplank and congratulating Vic!


    (Fine print: Winning this contest does not in any way, shape, or form, confer upon or entitle Victor Mornington to any interest in The Gangplank Public House or its subsidiaries, present or future, domestic or foreign, real or imagined, or ability to act as an agent on its behalf or on behalf of its principals, or use of its brand for marketing purposes or slander most foul, from now into perpetuity, forever and ever. And ever. But we still get to come to pool parties.)