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Mr Tenk

    [13:20] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer whispers back about a Carnival Row
    [13:20] KillianBaileyJameson: where would the Conservatory go?
    [13:20] Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh whispers “two mints in one”
    [13:20] Mosseveno Tenk: Chic Aeon will be building us a schpookyhaus, most likely on a quarry hill lot
    [13:20] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer grins
    [13:20] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): There are two rather excellent parcels on Port right now
    [13:20] Junie Ginsburg: yay!
    [13:21] Mosseveno Tenk: not saying anything is getting derezzed, but if it comes to that, quarry hill is the most vulnerable because of occupancy.
    [13:21] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): Just to back up what tenk is saying, there IS a recession coming, last week and this week the federal reserve pumped in 350 billion dollars into the short loan and banking systems. BBC reported on it
    [13:21] Mosseveno Tenk: so, moving on
    silas was talking to me about oiling festival earlier this week, and thought it should move back to spring.
    what do you folks think?
    [13:22] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): :D yay!
    [13:22] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Sounds like a plan Clockwinder
    [13:22] Mosseveno Tenk: the long summer format doesnt’ appear to be too popular
    [13:22] Junie Ginsburg: aye
    [13:22] Mosseveno Tenk: month of march?
    [13:22] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): It strings out
    [13:22] Mosseveno Tenk: is that about he right window?
    [13:23] Tepic Harlequin: i think that is a good idea, and make the building time shorter… concntrate minds…
    [13:23] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): its cause everyone is on vacation…cause of the fire ball thing in the sky
    [13:23] Jimmy Branagh: Summers are too scattered
    [13:23] Ceejay Writer: I would think lots of people would be traveling or outdoors as lot in the summer
    [13:23] Mosseveno Tenk: yeah, i got other things to do than work online in summer
    [13:23] Cyan Rayna: I like it in spring better as well
    [13:23] Mosseveno Tenk: so what kind of timeline is best?
    [13:23] Ceejay Writer: Ditto. Not that I actually build, but for digital stuff in general
    [13:23] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) nods
    April to July?
    [13:24] Cyan Rayna: I also like SIlas’ idea of advertising for it to get more people involved
    [13:24] Jimmy Branagh: Agree
    [13:24] Mosseveno Tenk: if you know me at all you know i suck at marketing
    [13:24] Jimmy Branagh: Pffft
    [13:24] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): well… winter is Dec, Jan, Feb… so… March/April? March and April still has the long nights, more people inside not going out into…the outside world *shudders*
    [13:24] Cyan Rayna: XD I know that of myself as well
    [13:24] Jimmy Branagh: You got elected Mayor, yes?

    [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk: there’s folks in this room that are much better connected than me
    [13:25] Tepic Harlequin: March is good, cus it’s wet, cold an miserable, good time ter be building
    [13:25] Ceejay Writer: Okay, on THAT – Discord will help get word around, you lot are sucky at using Aether Chrononauts, and the BAR calendar is impossible to use without screaming.
    [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk: i don’t have any dealings outside of the city much
    [13:25] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): Tepic, its like that up here every month :D
    [13:25] Nathan Adored: is there a Neew Babbage discord server?
    [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk: there is
    [13:25] Cyan Rayna: We are working on that Ceejay XD
    [13:25] Gabrielle Riel: Yes
    [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk: its working quite well.
    [13:25] Ceejay Writer: Yes! It’s new, Nathan!
    [13:25] Nathan Adored: linky?
    [13:25] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): It’s where we are now :)
    [13:26] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): I only recently discovered there was a facebook group.
    [13:26] Ceejay Writer: It’s loverly, and I have other servers in there too, so I bounce around happily
    [13:26] Edward Pearse: Speaking of BAR and calendars, bookmark me a spot to comment on that when we get a spot on the agenda
    [13:26] Cyan Rayna: I think there was a link in the last engineers notes
    [13:26] Mosseveno Tenk: we’ve changed the way we use our tech over the last 10 or 12 years, and this seems to work best. nice and simple, and doesn’t kill your time like clicking for pages does
    [13:26] Junie Ginsburg: me as well
    [13:26] Mosseveno Tenk: we’ll still have the BAR, as it’s a good place to blog, and you can use the discord to point to your posts.
    [13:26] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): So is the discord the primary doodly these days?
    [13:26] Silas Merlin: I think it should “start” a month before the actual date, with a lot of talk about it accross social media and all, and the people asking for specific builds be interviewed by bloggers and such, explaining what build they ask for, and as an opportunity to talk about the oiling festival and Babbage in general
    [13:26] Gabrielle Riel: We are using Discord for Elysium. It’s better than FB.
    [13:27] Ceejay Writer: I would vote for Discord being the PRIMARY point of announcing events and news.
    [13:27] Mosseveno Tenk: Junie has joined up with Cyan to work on the website, She did find the wiki database from teh old site
    junie appears to be a wordpress savant
    [13:27] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): I can barely keep track of the in world announcements.
    [13:27] Cyan Rayna: She has been helping out tremendiosuly the last few days :3
    [13:27] Edward Pearse: Can it incorporate the Google Calendar that’s still around?
    [13:27] Cyan Rayna: and we are working on trying to make the Bar much more user freidnly
    [13:27] Ceejay Writer: Then trickle it out to FB, calendars, inworld notices. But having ONE place I KNOW I can find stuff is heaven. And Discord fits.
    [13:27] Mosseveno Tenk: i would vote for that too, Ceejay. I feel like I should be paid to use Facebook
    [13:27] Cyan Rayna: friendly even
    [13:27] Junie Ginsburg: we can look at that, Edward
    [13:28] Silas Merlin: Get Inara Pey and Draxtor to do a thing about it, and maybe why not Stawberry Linden ?
    [13:28] Junie Ginsburg: we’re getting ready to roll out the first round of changes to make the BAR more user friendly
    [13:28] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): Discord is good for me
    [13:28] Ceejay Writer: FB is used grudgingly by me, yeah. I have to, but it’s not a joy
    [13:28] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): That might explain why I haven’t heard of many of the events recently. No Discord.
    [13:28] Junie Ginsburg: and I have some ideas for getting all of our communication channels organized
    [13:28] Ceejay Writer: Junie and Cyan, thank you for your hard work.
    [13:28] Mosseveno Tenk: lemme get a link
    [13:28] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) applauds
    [13:28] Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh applauds
    [13:28] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): yay jooooknee and Cyan :D
    [13:28] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): yay!
    [13:28] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg grins
    [13:29] Edward Pearse: My only problem with discord is the usual. You’re all asleep when I get on it :-)
    [13:29] Ceejay Writer: And thank you Junie for COMING BACK.
    [13:29] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg blushes
    [13:29] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [13:29] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): make the earth flatter, lol
    [13:29] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): thats what happens when you live on the other side of the planet from everyone Ed
    [13:29] Tepic Harlequin: It’s autumn now… anyone asked Loki about fireworks and barrel racing?
    [13:29] Ceejay Writer: Ed, move up here or sleep different.
    [13:29] Mosseveno Tenk: true mr pearse, but we can have a continuous conversation across time zones with discord
    [13:29] Edward Pearse: I used to sleep different, then I got a normal job

    [13:30] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Does anyone have any Roleplay events planned?
    [13:30] ℒucifer ℳorningstar (luciferaaeterna): You can always talk to yourself til we show up, Edward ;)
    [13:30] Cyan Rayna: and unlinke group chat here we won’t miss the joke
    [13:30] Mosseveno Tenk: 24 hour link: https://discord.gg/HKWVVF
    [13:30] Ceejay Writer: The chatlog in Discord is continuous, whether you are there or not. so you can see everything.
    [13:30] Mosseveno Tenk: and its not overwhelming like the gaming channels
    [13:30] KillianBaileyJamesonKillianBaileyJameson needs to figure out this discord thingy now
    [13:30] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): i in a few of those, they are scary
    [13:30] Cyan Rayna: XD
    I mainly use it for D&D
    great for voice chat
    [13:31] Ceejay Writer: It’s heavily used by larger SL events like Fantasy Faire and the SL birthdays too.
    [13:32] Mosseveno Tenk: I think Fauve tried to get me to start using it a long while back, and I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about
    [13:32] Silas Merlin: how about a themed shopping event hosted in Babbage, has that been done before ? not monthly because people in babbage are slow, but maybe every two or three months ?
    [13:32] Ceejay Writer: Fauve was knee deep in it for Fantasy Faire.
    [13:32] Mosseveno Tenk: so Fauve was right, shoulda gone with that. but it’s up now and folks seem to like it, even the first timers
    [13:32] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): a seasonal hunt or street fair?
    [13:32] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): Silas… i have something on that for later
    [13:32] Edward Pearse: And apparently you can use Discord on your phone if you’re into doing that too
    [13:33] Junie Ginsburg: I have it on my phone, love it
    [13:33] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): I used to use it for D&D. Only time I ever played it
    [13:33] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): I don’t do this mobile malarky.
    [13:33] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): works good in iPad
    [13:33] Cyan Rayna: I was using discord this morning before I even got out of bed XD
    [13:33] Junie Ginsburg: almost used it to say I’d be late to town hall because of car trouble ;-)
    [13:33] Silas Merlin: a real shopping event, where we would be called to create an exclusive item for each round
    [13:33] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [13:34] Mosseveno Tenk: real shopping event?
    [13:34] Cyan Rayna: Wasn’t there talk of a Food contest?

    [13:35] Ceejay Writer: Junie and I were sorta talking about another Iron Bay Chef contest
    [13:35] Junie Ginsburg: like Iron Bay Chef?
    [13:35] Ceejay Writer: :D
    [13:35] Junie Ginsburg: there will be another one, for the holidays
    [13:35] Cyan Rayna: hehehe :3
    [13:35] Silas Merlin: yeah a shopping event that people accross the grid would be eager to come to each time
    [13:35] Junie Ginsburg: I am going to try my recipes out on the urchins on Boxing Day
    you lucky devils
    [13:35] Mosseveno Tenk: if you want to run it, go right ahead. but don’t count on me to run it. that’s a good way for it not to happen. i’m overloaded in rl
    [13:35] Cyan Rayna: >.>
    [13:35] Mosseveno Tenk: oh dear
    [13:36] Cyan Rayna: Also Beryl and I have taken the call to fill in Clockhaven’s sewers
    [13:36] Mosseveno Tenk: i am taking submissions for the rest of the month for christmas stories
    [13:36] Ceejay Writer: Hee. I will just let Junie get it rolling. I’m onboard for judging, editing, whatevering, but not eating.
    [13:36] Mosseveno Tenk: woo, sewers!
    how far have you got? i’ll have to take alook
    [13:36] Cyan Rayna: not very far but got some stuff under the fountain right now
    [13:36] Mosseveno Tenk: nice
    do i need to lower anything?
    [13:36] Cyan Rayna: let us know if we need to change anything obviously
    [13:36] Mosseveno Tenk: right
    best just to flatten the whole underground so it can wander where it will
    [13:37] Edward Pearse: Nice. The sewers have always been a great part of Babbage
    [13:37] Cyan Rayna: we havenm’t been on at the same time in a while so the work has been slowed XP
    [13:37] Mosseveno Tenk: ok, let’s talk about blender.
    [13:37] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer dives under seat
    [13:37] Cyan Rayna: 2.8 is out and it’s really a huge update
    [13:37] Mosseveno Tenk: Vic and I were talking last week how us folks still on mesh studio have taken it about as far as we can
    [13:37] Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh holds up a talisman
    [13:38] Edward Pearse: I’ve started!
    [13:38] Junie Ginsburg: we have donuts!
    [13:38] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Just DLd 2.8
    [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: an i hear blender 2.8 is easier to learn??
    [13:38] Edward Pearse: Yes
    [13:38] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer worry-rubs a tiny untextured prim
    [13:38] Edward Pearse: Left bloody click finally!
    [13:38] Junie Ginsburg: hehe
    [13:38] Cyan Rayna: it’s much more like every major 3D software now
    [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: there are tutorial links pinned to the discord builder channel
    [13:38] ℒucifer ℳorningstar (luciferaaeterna)ℒucifer ℳorningstar (luciferaaeterna) might actually try Blender again if that’s true
    [13:38] Cyan Rayna: and yes much easier to learn
    [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: and Junie will showcase our noob donuts
    [13:39] Gabrielle RielGabrielle Riel thinks you should love
    [13:39] Cyan Rayna: hehehe
    [13:39] Edward Pearse: The Blender Guru has an updated tutorial.
    His is one of the pinned tutes
    [13:39] Junie Ginsburg: there is a baker’s rack in the old bakery at the Gangplank for your donuts
    [13:39] Cyan Rayna: yes he was following 2.8 from early beta
    [13:39] Tepic Harlequin: i’ve used blender for some time now… still not very good at it, but use Mesh Studio inworld, then save and import into blender to tidy up
    [13:39] Gabrielle Riel: Junie made donuts! Yay!