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    Joe Magarac

    New Babbage has a little-known rail service from the main station to several other cities. The train leaving from New Babbage Main Station offers the option of going to Luxembourg, Meiville, or St. John’s Parish. At one time
    there was also the option of going to Cala Mondrago.

    Travel to Meiville works, and the trip ends on a dock. A return trip by boat is offered. This drops you back at the New Babbage railroad station, sans boat.

    Travel to Luxembourg works, but just dumps you out on the ground there. Luxembourg has no railroad station or track, and there’s no way to get a return trip to New Babbage that I can find.

    St. John’s Parish no longer exists. You can attempt to take the train there, but will not arrive.

    Cala Mondrago no longer exists. The Clockwinder tells me that it has been renamed. He also mentioned “Steelhead”, which was a boom town in the 19th century Pacific Northwest, as having been re-established. I can only find traces of these past places. Directions would be appreciated.

    The rail system was established by Yesteryear Navigation Company, which is Jaiden Magic and Nathaneil Lorefield. It is unclear if they are still active. With recent improvements in technology (“experiences”), the rail system could be much improved. Passengers could leave in a train, go into a tunnel, such as the one out in the Fells, and come out elsewhere. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain on how this trick is done.)

    While the rail system could be upgraded, there are few places to go. If a deal could be worked out with Caledon, this might be worth pursuing. Caledon is large enough and busy enough.


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by  Joe Magarac. Reason: Line breaks
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    Coleen McGee

    Works great Joe. The Luxembourg sim is especially nice.  Only possible bug I saw was that the train engine didn’t derez on the Palisades/Fells simline.  Otherwise it’s fun and works great I hope there is more destinations coming!  Thanks

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    Coleen McGee

    There is a return trip from Luxembourg.  After you go through the second gate there is a small building with a red flag and a pumpkin cart outside. Go inside and talk to (click on) the Customs Officer. He’ll tell you what to do.  It puts you back on the train platform at Central Station in Palisades.

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    Okay, now that’s neat. I didn’t know that even existed


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    Klaus Wulfenbach

    Cala Mondrago has been reborn twice and is now Jadida Mondrago.  If the rail connection is broken, the Magistrate of that land, Callidus Waydelich, should be reminded to contact the engineers to set that back up.


    Steelhead Bay and Ravenwood Forest are both fairly quiet, but Ravenwood in particular has some pleasant walks.  Speak to Mayor Fuzzball Ortega for Steelhead Bay, and Willow Leafstorm for Ravenwood Forest.


    I had intended for a line to extend to Europa Wulfenbach but the intended landing station’s construction is delayed.  I will have to discuss this with the engineers to come up with a solution.

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    Dr. Avalon

    I have discussed this with Callidus.  We are looking for the engineers that initially set things up, but we do like the idea of the train.

    Doctor Avalon

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