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Steampunk Storytime @7pm

June 7, 2018

Tonight we’ll be listening to two tales of tainted love, read by Elrik Merlin and Gabrielle Riel. Come to the Bucket of Blood Public House…

The Conservatory Ballroom Presents a Formal Dance Monthly, 4th Saturdays

June 1, 2018

The fourth Saturday of every month the Conservatory Ballroom presents aformal dance, with classical and contemporary symphonic music. Join us at ournew location on Speculation…

Music and Role-play at the Tell-Tale Heart Pub: Monthly 2nd Tuesdays

June 1, 2018

John Captain Killian and Nick Gentleman every second Tuesday of the month at the Tell-Tale Heart Pub for some New Babbage-style light role-play and musical storytelling, featuring…

Spring Formal Dance at The Conservatory Ballroom 5pm SLT

May 22, 2018

Please join us at our new, lovelier location on Speculation Lake in Quarry Hill for the Conservatory’s first Spring Formal Ball. Wear your spiffiest clothes…

Steampunk Storytime @7pm

May 17, 2018

We’ll be listening to Tyrannasaurus Tex by Davide Mana, and introduced by your friend and mine, Mr. Osgoode Underby. Tune in on Radio Riel Steampunk…

Breakfast in Babbage: Time Travel

May 11, 2018

    If I could Turn Back Time…(So many things I’d change). Join Edward Pearse at the Clarendon for a few hours of Temporal related…

Journal of photo-graphic images, sundry & divers nottes thereupon

May 8, 2018

May 7th, a Monday. Dreadful weather.  Too much sun.  Too photo-graph of The Clarendon using new 7 colour process, took four pictures from various angles,…

The Dangers of Rampant Orientalism!!!!!

May 8, 2018

These are the front doors to that bastion of SCIENCE!!!, The Clarendon.  While we applaud the sentiment in celebrating the crowning triumph of human endeavors…

Steampunk Storytime : The Long Afternoon of Rupert Moncrief by Gareth D Jones @7p

April 27, 2018

This time we have a nice little time travel story with an eccentric Englishman and his stalwart butler. And since it’s a time travel story,…

Gallery of Curiosities Listening Party @7p

April 26, 2018

Join us at the Bucket of Blood Public House for a story of gears, gears, and more gears. It’s like, demolision derby. With mechawalkers. Guuunnnnnngggghhh!…