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Zombie Apocalypse!

Ladies and Gentlemen (and zombie hunters!)
Dunwich and the October Undead presents. . .


Come one, come all, to the Village of Nyght on Saturday, October 9 from 5-7pm slt.

DJ Sredni Eel (that’s me!) will be spinning some music from his Great Tomb of the Undead, also known as a crazy big music collection.  There will be zombie songs aplenty, along with some great 80s new wave (I don’t play *those* 80s), gothic, and dark wave tunes to get you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

You will revel to the dulcet sounds of Sisters of Mercy, Collide, Brainclaw, Camouflage, Grendel, Zombie Girl, Ultravox, Love and Rockets, Oingo Boingo, and so much more!  I’m taking requests, as well, so come armed with songs you want to hear, a flashlight for protection, and maybe a cricket bat.

I don’t think I mentioned that there’s also a reward for the most undead zombie out there.  Disguise yourself as a zombie, and win some money.  Hamlet’s also going to make an appearance, because you can’t have a Village party without him or Edwina going on about doors.

Once more, that date and time is


I hope to see some of you there!

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