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Yuck!! What -did- I step in?

I never thought I would miss the filthy air, overworked warehouses and of course, the charming sooty dust that graced me with it’s precense time…and time…again. But alas, growing up here has affected me a bit and of course I thought about the wolf…

No no no…you did not spend nearly two months away for the memories to flood back in. What memories? Exactly…


Anyway. I’ve become quiet balanced with my new self…discovering my likes, dislikes, open-minded and slightly bruised ego has become the very essence of my being. “Oh! Excuse me!” …I ran into something…very big might I add.

He was a tall man, broad shouldered, red cap and…pale as Mr. Underby?? I recalled blinking a few times and even was so bold to have stared. Though he quickly snapped me out of that.

“Mon’d where you’re walkin darlin’…” he sniffed rubbing his crow-like nose with his thumb and turned away carrying his gunnysack over his shoulder and disappearing with the rest of the ships arrivals.

I knew right then and there…I wanted the man DEAD. “Bianca!!”

Michael’s voice. How good it was to hear it and immediately I turned to dart to the man that had so kindly taken care of me for so many many….many days.

“Uncle Michael! Good to see you old man!” and we commenced to discussing history, business, and booze…and lots of it…and then the booze commenced to discuss something and talked its way into my horrid hangover the next morning.

Which had me walking around explaining my depature to Ms. Dagger who was nothing short but understanding. She is an amazing woman, worthy of her ranks and for once, I knew I could feel safer in New Babbage knowing she was at the helm of this ship…I just pray it isn’t the Titianic. -clears her throat and thinks before continuing to write-

Some time had past though since my re-arrival and now.

The shop is set up, and the wares are being sold…and I must pay rent again! Drat! -writes that on her hand-

<Train of thought lost for a moment and the journal continues later>

I am left in my bed in complete rapture from a night of amazing dancing with friends, loved ones, and mortal enemies. I felt wonderfully…well wonderful! I was even able to give the old man a hug, and dance with that same dock brute I met before…even if he ripped off my skirt…sprockethead!! Should of thrown him to Ms. Maggie…I’m sure she could take care of him with ease…petite little angel that she is. Oooh and Stormy Stillwater!! Had I not known the familiar bantering of Mr. Stillwater I would of been redder than Jed’s hair by the end of that night! How on earth he was able to get a card down my skirts still beats the rust out of me…then again he is a B.O.R.C. professor…or is he?

Enough though…what I really wish to right about in this fresh diary of mine is the disgusting bit of goope I stepped in during a my walk to pay rent at my shop on the way home last night. It was  slimy and rotty and smelled worse than the kitchen works of Ms. Sky…Creator Bless her…

I leaned down to get a better look at it and heard something grown nearby. Curiosity compelled me to give it a gawk, but fear compelled me to turn on my little black heels and head home quickly…Perhaps there really was an issue here in New Babbage…not that the half-dead people at the “Cure All” dance meant anything. -thinks for a moment before smirking-



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  1. Rusty Bones Rusty Bones October 12, 2010

    Aw, wouldja lookit that? She ‘membered me. I’m touched!

    Hah, that Maggie gal’s somethin else too. Gave me a danged thimble fer a kiss. Like right outta kid’s fairy book that is.

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 12, 2010

      Hope she knows where your mouth has been…creator knows I don’t.

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