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Young Orpheus and Dead Billy

[20:54] Orpheus: ‘Ello
[20:55] Orpheus: Are you ok? You don’t look so good.
[20:55] Dead Billy: hmm? Oh, nhh, I been ill…
[20:56] Dead Billy: You’re not gonna toss rocks at my head too are you?
[20:57] Orpheus: Why would I throw rocks at you?
[20:58] Orpheus: we should get you to a ‘ospital.
[20:58] Dead Billy shrugs. “Folk keep yelling ‘is it zzombie season already?’ an toss rocks, dunno why.”
[20:59] Orpheus: Wha’s a zombee?
[20:59] Dead Billy: ‘Ospital? nah, I won’t go, I don’t trust them doctors
[20:59] Dead Billy: No idea what a zombie is, but they yell it a lot.
[21:00] Orpheus: I’m Orpheus
[21:01] Orpheus: Where’s yur mum?
[21:01] Dead Billy smiles and a bug runs from his cheek. “I’m Billy, an’ never ‘ad a mum, least not like I remember.”
[21:03] Orpheus: Billy, you got bugs on yur face!
[21:04] Dead Billy: “Oh, yah, that happens sometimes.” He takes the bug off and pops it in his mouth, crunching it loudly.
[21:05] Orpheus: Uh, did you just eat that bug? I think you got bug poisoning, that’s why yur sick.
[21:06] Dead Billy: Bug poisoning? Never heard a that, dunno, I only ‘ad a craving for bugs after I was sick.
[21:07] Orpheus: Why don’t ya just regenerate?
[21:07] Dead Billy: Regena-wha?
[21:08] Orpheus: Me mum said its ok if we get real sick like, we just get a new body.
[21:08] Orpheus: I saw it a lot back home…. try, it’ll make you feel better.
[21:10] Dead Billy: Really? Well, alright
[21:10] Dead Billy scrunches up his face and groans, clenching his fist. His eye pops out.

[21:11] Orpheus: No no no, you’re doing it wrong. Ya gotta put your arms out to the side, and look up and scream real loud, like this.
[21:12] Orpheus spreads his arms out and screams.
[21:12] Dead Billy: “Ohh.” He pops his eye back in, copies the pose, and starts screaming.
[21:14] Orpheus: You should be glowy… I don’t know why it isn’t working.
[21:15] Dead Billy: Nothin happenin?
[21:15] Orpheus: No, it didn’t work
[21:16] Dead Billy: So, can I stop standin like this now?
[21:16] Orpheus: Yeah.
[21:17] Orpheus: It should of worked. Maybe a grup can help us.
[21:17] Dead Billy shrugs. “Long as they ain’t doctors.”
[21:18] Orpheus: Maybe you need to be drunk for it to work…. I only seen grups do it, and grups can drink.
[21:20] Orpheus: I bet that hotel has some booze.
[21:20] Orpheus gestures off in the distance towards the Brunel Hall.
[21:20] Dead Billy: Maybe
[21:20] Dead Billy suddenly glances at one of the rooftops “Oh hell!” He takes off running.
[21:20] Orpheus looks up, but doesn’t see anything. By the time he looks down to ask Billy what he saw, the “sick” boy was gone.

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