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Working the nightshift


She spat a flake of tobacco out from her lips and watched it single down to the meetinghall floor. Beside her the mounted gatlings internal springs where making small singing sounds inside the box.. making it work as a sort of amplifier.  The barrels pointed down at the slowly decending tobaccoflake.


What did she care about people running around at night? or curfews for that matter… she wasnt even sure who she was cursing.. the people outside, some her freinds..or maybe former ones now.. making a fuss about something thats not worth getting agitated about really….  Or Underby, making this stupid move when it was sure to stir this kind of thing. It all amounted to taking useful time out of her research anyhow.  That poor feller sitting at the airstation waiting to get finnished. Anyhow..its best to keep greasing the wheels of powers that be. Cooperation with city hall was essential for getting the project running.

So.. here she was.. dipersing citizens with explosives.. trying to get them to at least appear to obey the cityordered laws..  

She looked at stray people drifting around in the hall.. they looked  like they where far from rioting at the moment. The one arrest during the night had been sprung from the improvised jail cell quite soon. She didnt care.. the night was over. Her job had been to keep the curfew.

A telegraph morsecode beepedybeeped close to her

–have located the former prisoner– what shall i do– stop-

she raised an eyebrow and rubbed her tired eyes. It fellt like someone was chattering in her ear again.. she could feel her right eye twitch uncontrollably. 

“Who the heck made me the boss of this operation all of a sudden” she muttered with a sigh. She knew it had been a bad call to stay in city hall.. thats where people go for leadership. 

Underby had gone away to do…. whatever it is he does. Leaving the whole mess to others.

She did the only sane thing to do.

She left for home.

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