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Word spreads like a fire…and so does fire.

It had been a full day.  It had started by confiding his secret to more friends in person. He’d told Cyan in the Trolley Shack hidden behind the annex building, who had never heard of Anne Bonny among other misunderstandings, and Avariel intended to call him the doomed pirate kitty of New Babbage from now on.  He dreaded what the Gangplank staff would come up with when he told them…

The task went out of his mind as he ran into several interesting persons outside of City Hall.  He’d never seen a bovine Moreau before, and the mad lad with ass-ears on his hat had certaintly caught his attention when he asked to be wed–but it was Kalfoo of Fedic that caught his attention the most that night.

The last time they had spoken it had been a rather interesting converation, and this one had also been intriguing to the cat…but what made his fur stand on end was to hear, “Long days and pleasant nights, sai Beryl.”

Arnold gagged as if on a hair ball as the taheen departed, “What?!”

He recieved no reply, and the cat was forced to watch almost a complete stranger walk away knowing what only his friends knew.  Which one of them had talked?  It could have been any of them, he hadn’t told them to keep it a secret–for all he knew the taheen could speak to birds who had heard him say it in cat.

Still, if complete strangers were learning then he supposed he would have to move even faster.  Resolving to do that, he still dreaded when he’d have to tell Emerson and the Plankers the most, he made his way back to the asylum where he didn’t have time to dwell on spreading rumors.  The carriage house that housed the prison cart was burning.

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