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Winners of the 5th annual R.F. Burton Flash Fiction Contest

Ms. Capalini sits down at her desk, pushing aside oily rags and loose springs, and begins to draft a letter to Mossoveno Tenk, Mayor of New Babbage.

“Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you of the winners of this year’s 5th Annual Flash Fiction contest.  It was a hard decision as all the entries were wonderful.  In the end, it was my own personal affection for the tales of a Practically Perfect Person I’d heard in my child hood that swayed my vote.

Taking First Place (god love you Bert), Emerson Lighthouse.

Taking Second Place (because everyone knows I appreciate a touch of lewdness (not rude, just a hint), Arconus Arkright.

Please take note that I have already notified the bank for forward the funds to these gentlemen.  I’ve also laid a copy of the book in the R.F. Burton library.




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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold December 27, 2012

    Congratulations, everyone. Can’t wait to read them.

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