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N.B.L.O.E.A.F.J. vs Cyborg-zombies from Mars!!


The New Babbage League of Extraordinary Avengers for Justice 

   Our story begins several years after the events of Emerson Lighthouse and the Mushrooms of Mars, and months after the Brazen Head Incident.  Tardos Mors, an evil martian warlord, has been killing his soldiers and subjecting them to scientific experiments.  He is determined to find Dejah Thoris, who was last seen in the city state of New Babbage.

The Warlord of Mars by Tardos Mors

   The Dairy Cooperative was the first to notice the incoming threat, which estimated that it would arrive in the next day or two.  Babbagers, unable to get such a clear view of the night sky, were instead attending the opening night at a museum and making plans for the Ravilian Jewels.

Great Balls of Fire by Cleetus O’Reetus
Opening Night by Phaedra Byrne
A Knight at the Museum by Emerson Lighthouse

   Foiled by the Cogblocker (Fanny Buxxombottom), the Blue Blood Crusader and Knight Crusader reconvene at the Gangplank with the Squire and Petra.  They decide to join forces and form a League which some are eager to join, and others are not.  They are soon interrupted and warned of the coming danger by Cleetus O’Reetus and a figure from the deep.

The Toolbox by Emerson Lighthouse
The Prince by Thomas Morlock

   The group accidentally activates a device that ends in the tragic destruction of the Gangplank leaving a gaping hole beneath it.  In the tragedy, heroes rise…or rather they descend.  

The Gangplank by Emerson Lighthouse
The NBLOEAFJ fully forms by Emerson Lighthouse

   The Squire establishes control over the sisters as Thomas was unable to establish control.  Meanwhile the Martians are arriving earlier than expected.

The Voice by Emerson Lighthouse
Chess by Emerson Lighthouse
The Old Quarter by Emerson Lighthouse

   The Martians are defeated, but Squire Malus is not one to let go of his new found authority and power.  A confrontation comes to a head as the Morlocks fight the survivors, and Thomas takes command of the undead army

All of Us Are Bad by Thomas Morlock
Beneath the Old Quarter by Emerson Lighthouse
The Nature of Sacrifice by Thomas Morlock
Showdown Beneath the Old Quarter by Emerson Lighthouse
Coming of Age by Emerson Lighthouse

   The confrontation ends at a compromise, and the Consuls of Dunsany are formed.  The Heroes return to their homes and make plans to rebuild what was lost…

The Consuls of Dunsany by Emerson Lighthouse


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