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Why is there a Goat…in New Babbage?

{ begin transmission }


Fauve Speaks: There is no good answer to this but here she is so there’s no help for it. Evidently she is somewhat photogenic, so there’s this:  The Cats that Ate Babbage

but otherwise, not much yet.

[10:01] Height Detector (Accurate): Goat is 1.339740 m (4 ft. 4in.) tall. (counting shabby boots) – Accurate SL Height

Goat is lately come to New Babbage (December 2015), is still very tight-lipped about her past and is unlikely to travel elsewhere unless with her new friends, fellow Babbage urchins or to MadPea to play the games.
She is the normal height and weight of an 8 year old girl, and physical examinations showed no obvious defects other than a tendency to have watery eye reflections of things she looks at. Evidently she looks at clocks a fair bit… 
In her pocket there is always a little box of dry matches, just in case.

She reads and writes and likes the equipment in Mr Aberdon Enigma’s Laboratories. For herself, she has found and repaired a small printing press and fiddles with discarded old camera equipment ((Adobe CC & thinkbook)) so she can take photos for her album because her memory isn’t so good. 

She can sew a little as a trade but she needs practice before she can realize the dream of opening a clothing shop. She has mysterious trunks of fabrics and millinery trims that are locked up and hidden away but her own clothes are often either salvage she scrounges, some very old but once fine ladies dresses (cut down to fit her) or clothes she has made of fabric bolts she happens to get hold of (she sometimes hangs out at the docks).
Her diary sits on her desk and she tries to write often since she knows she forgets stuff.

Mr Aberdon watches over her and she will run errands for him because he teaches her to do simple science experiments but well…she does not trust adults overmuch.

Both Goat and Fauve are on staff in Europa Wulfenbach and always endeavor to assist the Baron and Baronin, whom they adore.

{ /end transmission }

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