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What REALLY happened in the Underworld? (Part 1)

May, 188~

Orpheus had been minding his own business, well not REALLY minding his own business, as he was investigating chronoton spikes, when the rift had opened. He had tried to run from it, but the pull was too great and he was pulled in.

Sometime later

Orpheus sat in the cell he had been confined to for weeks. He had been kept here without explanation, without visitors, and without a shower. His scanner and his case had been taken from him. He was starting to really feel like he would die in this cell.

Suddenly, alarms started to sound throughout the room. A man who he had never seen before burst in and began unlocking the cell. “You the Maestro?” he asked.

“I am, but I haven’t used that moniker in quite some time. Who are you?” Orpheus replied.

“Never mind who I am. Come, I have come to help you escape. We must move quickly!”

The two men ran through a series of corridors. While they ran, the stranger explained what had happened.

“The people who operate this station are very bad people, intent on causing some serious damage to your universe. They have discovered a pocket universe, in which are the most dangerous demons known to the 12 galaxies. Think of it like a timelocked prison universe. The problem is, it is slowly collapsing. The people of this station sent a clone of you, along with your Tardis, into the pocket in an attempt to extract at least one of these demons into the normal universe. It is imperative they not succeed.”

As the explanation continued, the two men arrived in a chamber filled with odd devices. The stranger explained this was where they had gained entry to the pocket, that it was a spatial rift generator.

“I’ve modified it to send you back to roughly the same time you were pulled from, though I cannot guarantee how accurately it will work. You will definitely be back in Babbage, but it could be minutes later, or days, or even years. I am hoping that you will get there before the demon grows to full strength.”

With that, the stranger fired up the device and a rift appeared. Orpheus didn’t have any time to ask questions; the stranger wished him luck and pushed him in.


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