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Well Yes there is a Monthly Contest at The “All” New Piermont This Month !

Tap Tap Tap Tap … There ! .

Breezy steps back to rest a moment and admire The Piermont Poster with a smile ..

I do hope people come back to Our beloved Piermont ..Breezy whispers to the ever adorable little Dickens, who is busy swatting falling leaves as he sits by her side ..

The kitten looks up as he gives his best in many nods .

ah . well there is much still to do ..

and well we try our best to twirl on egg shells in these parts .. well most of time ..

Breezy gives the darling kitten tuna balls ..

Dickens : Purrs .. and bats some more at the slow falling leaves .

Gosh ! What shall I wear ?? Come Come Dickens .. Breezy drops a small shrimp Path for The Kitten !

Dickens : Trots and swats .. as He Mew Mews !!



New Babbage Photo Challenge with some twists

Its Autumn In New Babbage
Show us ..
Your favorite Location or
Favorite Build In a Photographic Capture !
Photography Contest Rules:
1)Two prims maximum

2)Photo may be shot in any of the New Babbage Sims

3) *but* must be shot in New Babbage.

4) Special effects allowed

5) If you are a landowner or renter in New Babbage,

photo cannot be of your own property.

6) One Entry Per Person Please !

** Point for The Piermont Grand ReOpening**

We want to encourage all to participate

Enjoy , Look around and share the beauty and soot of our Most Special Community !

1st Prize $1000.00 lindens

2nd Prize $700.00 lindens

3rd prize $500.00 lindens



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