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Well it was a nice Holiday

Eliot lay thrashing on his pallet the Rabbit in the shadows invading his dreams “you heard didn’t you, the orderlies were talking, Hienrichs abandoned you to go adventuring, your alone Eliot and im coming for you,’ the cat looked for the shining light in his mind that was his guardian and found , nothing, the Rabbit pressed in ” see! she abandoned you, betrayed you, and left you for me, and i am coming, oh yes and soon”

Eliot writhed on the pallet his claws shredding the straw tick mattress ” no she will protect me!” and the song birds screamed, and cried “all is shadow , where is the light? where is our protector?”

and the Rabbit surged fully from the shadows”YOU ARE MINE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MINE!”

with a yowl Eliot surged awake,the cat moreau stared down at his sweating paws”sigh and its so relaxing here, oh well time to move on”

later the night orderly patrolling the second floor heard a strangled moan from Eliots room,looking in the viewing slot he saw the lifeless form of the cat crumpled in a corner a stream of crimson staining his shift ” dam Canergaks not going to be happy,” he said as he entered the room and bent over the body, he never even saw the claws,

Eliot rolled the lifeless form off him and smiled as he looked down at the new stain that joined the old smear of red on his shift ” well that water color set came in handy,now for the keys, ah here they are”

Eliot crept quietly as a mouse down the hall to the elevator shaft “hmm “he mused to him self ” if i operate it people will notice, well nothing else for it looks like i climb down”

Eliot reached the first floor without incident, and found the room where patients possessions were kept, unlocking the door he entered and reclaimed his clothing,before peeking through the door “hmmm a bit more busy here,but if im quick, well not else for it”

The Cat burst from the store room and rushed down the hallway passed the surprised Militia guard, ripping out his throat as he went by,and into the admitting office, bounded passed the night clerk through the admitting window, and the doors beyond into the night as the alarm began to sound,

hours later Eliot leaned on the ships rail looking out over the unquiet seas, a small carpet bag full of cash, hastily removed from Violets safe, clutched in his paw ” well safely away from New Babbage, sad i really enjoyed that town,oh well I’ll be back, and we’ll see each other again Violet my love, and hienrichs my betrayer, and you will both die”

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  1. Rance Vartanian Rance Vartanian February 3, 2016

    Prof. Vartanian stared sternly at the maid that had come blurting the news haphazardly at him like a flustered hen clucking. He slowly rested his pen down on his desk as she settled into nervous silence at the look on his face. “You’re telling me… that we lost an orderly… and a militia member to this patient… And he still escaped?”

    The poor, worry lined woman wrung her hands, trying not to stammer, “Well.. y-yes…”

     The professor drew in a breath and stood, leaning over his desk for a moment, lifting his spectacles with one hand to rub at his eyes, “I knew it… I knew it! Curse Canergak’s bedamned honorable promises! That psychopath should have been up here on the third floor with me!” He slowly let out a breath as if a boiler letting off steam, looking back to the trembling maid. “What are you still doing here? Go alert the militia of the incident and find me Damocles!”

  2. violet Solano violet Solano February 3, 2016


    Violet stood in front of the open safe,the smaller strong box that till last night held 20,000 silver badgers in bank notes, or roughly 25,300 Quatloo, lay empty on the floor in front of the door,

    she sighed heavily before turning again to the note pinned to her desk with one of her own daggers “thank you for the small loan Violet my love, rest assured i will return to pay you back, for everything, Mr Eliot”

    the Rabbit sat heavily in her chair and stared out the window for several minutes shaking slightly before rising up to sweep everything from her desk, and scream out the office door,”QMIG! BRING OUT YOUR WOLVES, SEARCH THE CITY, FIND HIM, FIND ELIOT NOW! I WANT THAT INSANE CATS SKIN TACKED TO MY OFFICE WALL!”

    Omig called back” and what if the Militia get in our way?”

    Violet stood in the doorway and smiled ” I warned Hienrichs she would
    be responsible for what would happen if they got between us and Mr Eliot”

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