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Welcome to the Family I

Bianca stared into the fire, her eyes glossed over slightly as the wear and tear of the evening began to lift from her shoulders like the albatross it was. She then shrugged off her worries and looked into the number crunching she needed to catch up on, laying all the information out so that when the family met, all things where clear. Her thoughts where quickly interrupted as she heard the door of The Bucket of Blood whine as it  opened.

She did nothing, but held her breath hoping that Mr. Underby had returned already from the office, yet the disappointment upon her face was very evident as she spotted a young blonde woman moving about in a rather fine violet dress.

The woman huffed a bit and as if speaking to no one in particular she stated loudly, “Lacking in service just like every other bar in this town.”

Bianca moved her lips to speak, but before she could she noticed that Dr. Sonnerstein was quickly behind the woman. This did not bode well for getting work weeded out, and Bianca slumped in her chair with the sad realization that tonight was yet another evening he had to stay late.

The woman squinted her eyes slightly at the man, “Dr. Sonnerstein, is it not? It’s been some time.”

“It has indeed. How have you fared?” came his voice in return, Bianca slowly gathering her paperwork, yet as her name was mentioned she looked up, “And good evening, Miss Namori.”

I watched the woman turn to look at me for a moment before returning to her converastion with Dr. Sonnerstein. They conversed for a moment, from what I gathered this woman was a medicine woman of sorts, her name being Charise Adderstien…though I doubt it was a nurse.

Bianca approached the bar and offered the woman a drink, inspecting her intensely but engaging in conversation openly. It was something within this womans character that Bianca found attractive to be around…or even neccessary.

The conversation began to slow and after a few drinks Bianca looked at the woman…her eyes seemed very strange and thus she thought to take a chance, a very bold one.

“May I see your hand my dear?” Bianca said almost demanding more than asking. Charise shruged and held it out, brow arged and lack of amusement upon her face as she watched her. Bianca delicately turned the womans arm over, a smirk playing upon her face as she looks at the veins there. Taking her fingers, she then pinched the skin around the vein a bit sharply raising it then releasing it, she then turned the womans hand over, and did the same thing to the back of the palm. Success…

“What else is in your system my dear? I can’t have anyone dropping dead in my fiances shop.”

Charise snatched her arm back, her eyes glaring dangerously at Bianca as she snapped through a slur of a voice, “It’s certainly none of your concern what I may be on, and if it mixed with liquor were to kill me, it would have long since happened!”

Biancas jaw jutted a titch, her arms crossed as she leaned towards the woman fingers of hers drumming on the bar top unamused. She then says coldly, “Fess up…or get. Out. There is a respectable name this bar needs to maintain…Understood?”

Charise rolled her eyes dramatically, “Laudanum. Who isn’t on it?”

“I’m not…”

“Then, apparently you’ve a much better life than I do. A business, and a fiance? I assume you’ve even a roof over your head!” She scoffed, “Must be nice.”

“It is…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Charise was it? I think it’s best we get you home for the evening.”

“I -told- you…I don’t have one…”

Bianca stopped reaching for the shot gun and looked at the woman, a slight pity upon her face as she stood straight. “I see.” Then the idea hit her like one of those perfectly safe trollys.

“Perhaps we can make a deal the..but let us not discuss it here, come.”

Charise looked around as if thinking for a moment, she then shrugged slightly and stated, “”I’m not adverse to such a discussion.”

Dr. Sonnerstien broke his awkward silence to sit up and protest slightly, “Oh come now, Ms. Namori, you speak as if I’d interfere.”


Bianca made her way to grab the papers and she needed to finish up her work at home, she then turned to the doctor and nodded, “Goodnight Doctor…” she said before leading the young woman out of the Bucket, and to her little apartment in the Gut.


Bianca smiled to herself regarding the deal she made and feeling proud of the move she had use to seal it. She looked at the small drop of blood on the paper next to a scribbled name in black.

Reaching out to cup the flute of champagne she had poured herself she sucked in her lower lip in thought. This new addition would be a great deal of help to the family…if we could get her not to sample her own product too much. Replacing the paper, Bianca downed the last bit and looked to the empty bed behind her.

“I think the Cogfather will be pleased to meet you Miss Adderstien…welcome to the Family…”

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  1. Charise Adderstein Charise Adderstein July 14, 2011

    Charise stares at the door for a long while after Bianca shuts it behind her. A million thoughts began to race through her head, the least of which were the ones that should – those of worry and speculation. Instead she turned slowly, taking in the vast room she could now call home and a smile spread across her face. 

    “Yes… home, at last.” 

  2. Professor Parx Professor Parx July 14, 2011

    “There is a respectable name this bar needs to maintain…Understood?”

    I do so hate it when your favourite watering hole gets bought out and turned into some respectable upmarket winebar.

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 14, 2011

      Who said anything about it being bought out? I simply would rather someone be rightfully murdered in the Bucket, than drop dead over a few weak sips. Come now, you should know better…

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