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Wanted: Business Calling Cards

It came to me as I looked at various interesting items in my possession which I had purchased locally, that visitors might be curious as to their origin, but be reluctant to enquire of me.

This gave me an idea viz: a calling card for each merchant, bearing their brief details and location (cleverly enclosed to be revealed on a touch), to be displayed together on a hall table or some such.

Does this notion seem attractive to anyone?

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  1. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer October 30, 2012

    It’s an attractive notion but in my mind, impractical.  While it would be charming for about a week, it would soon become out of date and a frustration to those trying to use them.  Merchants come and go and static systems fall out of date, without someone to constantly keep things current.

    We did have a merchant’s directory here in the BAR, but I just poked that tab and it seems discontinued. It was tied into a physical marker placed at each business, and drew info through that.  Was a nice system!  Perhaps someone knows if it’s down for maintenance or has been discontinued.  Am sorry I don’t know that.


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