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Waiting for Davey Jones ((april 7th

 ((this is continued from Lilith’s finding one whos lost feel free to comment.

Leon stands on the rocky coast of this strange place, he had been here awhile, and the whole time he spent staring out at the sea, waiting, was this the place, was it the time, it had to be. He remembered dying, every day… well what he felt was day he stared out at the sea, waiting, waiting for that ship to take him away, to be with all he knew, not knowing this was a place he did not belong. Unaware that the whole time he had been watched from above on the hillside.

He didn’t truly hear two friends talking after a long time, finally reunited, until they came to him and the fox cried out, “HEY LEON!”   

The raccoon boy looked around frantically as he snapped out of his daze and found himself faced with Tepic and a red haired boy he had never met in life.

“Oi fhere,” the new boy said in greeting.

“T…T…Tepic…”  Leon stuttered at seeing his friend here in the land of the dead.  “No.. no she did not get you to!”

“Naw, came lookin fer yer, mate….” Tepic assured him and then gestured to his friend, “Yer know Hoytt, don;t yer?”

Hoyt was shaking his head and saying he’d passed before Leon got to town.  Leon looked over at the boy tired, and nodded, “Na…never met Hoyt.  I was waiting….the others…Beryl and Lilith, are they…”

“They’s fine.  An’s as fer you…. well… yer a bit early ter be here, cus well… cording to Hoytt here yer ain’t dead yet, an he should know, cus he is….”

Hoytt nodded and crossed his arms with a grin,  “Yer a livin’!”

Leon blinks “But… but I did die out there… somewhere when Zaros hit me with some strange device… I felt my body.. felt like I was torn apart as something dragged me..”

“Oh that, well, yea, guess if yer don’t know how, it can sort of be a bit like that….”

“Zaros?” Hoyt tipped his hat and turned back towards Tepic inquisitively, “Sounds like anofher nuffer.”

“Yep, soon as we get rid of one, we got another, like mushrooms!”  The fox and his friend shared a quick giggle.

Leon looks around and growled, “If I… I.. she better not lay a finger on Lilith!”  He growled as he balled his fists.  

Tepic examined his friends reaction for a moment before he continued, “Yer like ter get back to Lilith do yer?”

Leon nearly fell to the sand in shock, “She’s safe?! What happened?!  I.. I-”  He groaned grabbing his head.

“Well, don’ know wha’ fha say ‘bou fha’ all,” Hoyt began, though Leon could barely understand what he was saying.  “Bu’ here’s fhe fhing…yer ain’ supposed fer be here. Wha’ she done really messed up!”

Leon stared at them both, confused while gripping his head.  He had been sure that he’d been waiting for Davy Jones to arrive with his black sailed ship, and now–

“She were hurt,” Tepic said, and Leon’s attention focused on his friend once again, “Gettin better now, but she could use yer being there!”

Leon  growled while gripping his head, “Uggh…Zaros… ZAROS hurt her!”

“Err….”  Tepic decided he had better get his friend back on the track home, before that ship appeared to take him away.  “Do yer remember givin her somethin, Leon?  What were it?

“I….I remember.”  Leon blinked and looks up, releasing his head, “A necklace… oy made it with a old charm me captian gave and the claw oy found in Snows hiding hole!”

“Well well… an guess what i got here?”  Tepic chuckled as he produced the trinket, making a circle of it.  Leon’s eyes went wide and suddenly his head shifted, trying to get him to head back to sea and wait for the ship coming for him.  “How… ungg… but… oy..”

“Come on lad, stay focused!”  Tepic shouted as he took a few steps closer to his friend in concern.  Hoyt followed and added, “A livin’ ain’ spossed fer be here! Goffa remained focused!”

“Yer remember how yer feel bout Lilith..?”  Tepic asked, looking at Leon in the eyes as the boy slowly turned back to him.

Leon had to struggle to ignore the call of the waves behind him, “oy care… oy wanna protect her, but ow … oy could not even protect moyself?”

“Dunr’t worry ‘bout that just now.. just remember her an picture her in yer head, right?”  Tepic looked at his struggling friend intently, “Yer got it. Leon?”

Leon nodded as he closed his eyes and felt Tepic lead his fingers, “Now… yer hold the necklace, both hands right? an keep it open like this…got it?”  Tepic paused for a moment and saw that his friends eyes were closed, “Open yer eyes an look through,,,,,

Leon did as he was told and at first he couldn’t see anything, but his friend wasn’t finished, “Now turn slowly, still lookin through, an when yer sees a light, like a fire, yer stops an looks close, recon it will be up the hill, but look all round…..”

Leon nods and started to look though the necklace.  Tepic grins as he watches “yer see somethin?”

Leon nodded, he could see a fire on the other side that contrasted the sea and cliffs that had surrounded him for so long.

“Right, yer follows in that direction till the flame fills the space, then close yer eyes an step through, don’t worry, ye’ll fit!”  Tepic assured him as he gave the lad a gentle pat forward.

As he moved forward he could hear Hoyt shouting, “Good fer mee’ ya Leon! Now don’ come back foo quickly now, ya hear!”

Leon nodded slowly as he shouted back, not daring look away from the fire as he called back, “I…. I will try not…” He closed his eyes and slowly stepped through.


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