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  1. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver September 7, 2011


    -Robert Frost

    What things for dream there are when specter-like,
    Moving amond tall haycocks lightly piled,
    I enter alone upon the stubbled filed,
    From which the laborers’ voices late have died,
    And in the antiphony of afterglow
    And rising full moon, sit me down
    Upon the full moon’s side of the first haycock
    And lose myself amid so many alike.

    I dream upon the opposing lights of the hour,
    Preventing shadow until the moon prevail;
    I dream upon the nighthawks peopling heaven,
    Or plunging headlong with fierce twang afar;
    And on the bat’s mute antics, who would seem
    Dimly to have made out my secret place,
    Only to lose it when he pirouettes,
    On the last swallow’s sweep; and on the rasp
    In the abyss of odor and rustle at my back,
    That, silenced by my advent, finds once more,
    After an interval, his instrument,
    And tries once–twice–and thrice if I be there;
    And on the worn book of old-golden song
    I brought not here to read, it seems, but hold
    And freshen in this air of withering sweetness;
    But on the memor of one absent, most,
    For whom these lines when they shall greet her eye

  2. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver September 7, 2011

    well yes it is .. all that ..  *grins*

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