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Violet MacMoragh’s 2nd Rezday Party 8/27 @ 6:30PM SLT

You are heartily invited to attend a celebration in honor of New Babbage resident and councilwoman of the Armada Breakaway;

[b]Ms. Violet MacMoragh[/b]

Festivities include under water dancing, mer-folk sightings, pastries and tunes to please even the most sensitive of auditory palettes.

This event commemorates Violets second full year in Second Life! Guests are invited to bring a friend, and are advised to come appropriately geared*(see attire) to Armada Breakaway and the open seas just below the Academy of Thaumaturgy on: Friday, September 27th at 6:30PM Pacific (SLT).

What: Vi’s Rezday
When: This Friday, 8/27
Time: 6:30PM SLT
Who: You & Guest
*Attire: Breathing gadget, dive suit if needed
(Great opportunity for mermaid avatars)
Location: Armada Breakaway

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk August 24, 2010

    how many rezdays is it?

    ((nonbabbage event getting the official nod))

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