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Vandalism or the Occult. Another persons opinion

Vandalism or the occult, we could ponder this to death, but until someone is caught in the act by the good citizens of New Babbage we will never know. An act of this nature just gets the tongues to wagging which does none of us any good. All this can accomplish is too so the seeds of fear.

I too came upon this scribbling placed upon the stones of our beloved City Hall. When I first read this piece…..”AND THE STREETS SHALL RUN WITH BLOOD”…. i was taken by surprise. I thought maybe just maybe I had picked the wrong place to settle down, but as I listened and watched the assembled crowd I felt I was in safe hands. Yes there were some who thought this was the work of a strange cult, but others of cooler minds calmed the crowd with logical explanations. A person could feel the tension ease as the Brothers spoke. I too, found my somewhat shattered nerves put at ease as I quietly excused myself and went on about my business.

I think it best if we, the citizens stay vigilant to thes malcontents who seemed determined to undermine the good works of the honest hard working citizens of New Babbage. These villians will not stay out of view forever their vandalous ways will be found out.

I noticed too that some good young people came forward and volunteered their time to clean up this mess and I bow down to their good needs. Fine young people who will one day take their place in the governance of this fine city.



Melonie Menges

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  1. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox August 25, 2010

    Vandalism or de occult?  What de difference.  Every person got de right to dere beliefs but dey don’t got de right to paint it on de cobbles in front of town hall.  Ah hope Mr. Tenk give de vandals a big WHACK wid him big hammer.

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