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Urchins gathering – Tepic is cross! (full story)

This Saturday January 9th, the urchins of New Babbage found out who won the vote to be their grown-up representative and then discussed of what tasks they would give them during their probation period.

Azura suggested collecting the webs the spiders left in Loki Gearhead’s hideout because she thought maybe we could use them against Creaky Gloom, but that made Tepic quite angry and he stood up on the table and threw his hook that stuck right in the middle of the table, before storming off.

We followed him outside and caught up on him while he was reaching the bridge, to try and discuss with him.
He explained that the Doctor Avariel Falcon had found out the spiderwebs were used to catch Cloud Angels, and he thought it was too dangerous to collect them. They had to be destroyed. So we agreed on having the grown-up representative destroying them instead of collecting them.

I think Tepic got kinda relieved when we told him we wouldn’t collect them after all, but he got then concerned about the spiders being released on a tropical island. With them still alive and able to produce webs, their could still be some evil people trying to use them to capture Cloud Angels…

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