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Urchin Experience – Sunday 2am slt

Hello! On Sunday 30th at 2am slt onwards I am running the Urchin Experience won by Knowledge Tomorrow in the RFL auction. It means we will be exploring all over New Babbage, in urchin character for a number of hours! If anyone would like to join in, as characters we might encounter, there may be begging, music playing, street sweeping or just general fun chatter. If anyone would like to volunteer to have a pie stolen, we could even have a short chase! Anyone who would like to volunteer, please drop me an IM, or if you would just like to see what we are up to, just be around in the City, you never know what might happen!

Thanks all!

Tepic Harlequin

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  1. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored July 29, 2012

    You mean Sunday the 29th, right?  :D

  2. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin July 29, 2012

    ah…. errr…. yes… well, it’s time yer see, all yer really need ter know is what time the voles need milking, an what season it is, days, weeks, even months, well, they don’t mean much, do they?

    Anyhow, the Experience seemed to go well, and there was still more to do when we was all tuckerd out!

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