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Underby’s April Fools Curse

“I’m BLIND!”

“My ARM!”

“MY LEG…oh…wait, I was already…HANG on a second!”

“Oh no..oh NO! WE fixed this! how can this…”

“Oh crap…” sound of someone stubbing their toe on the coffee table, “OUCH OUCH OUCH! How can you walk around like this?!” 

“Just use your ears.”

“Oh NO!”

“Oh no is right.”

“This is a problem.”

“That sick sick sick man! He can’t be serious!”

“Are you implying..”

“Yes, I do believe this is what I feared, every year.”

“Every YEAR?!”

“Every year at April Fools…” 

“Oh no no no no. For how long?”

“I think last year it lasted a week, maybe longer…I forget.”

“We have to fix this.”

“No, we just have to wait.”

“I’m BLIND.”

“Half-blind, and oh wah wah wah, by-the-by.”

“shut up, I can’t SEE! At least you can see!”

“I will admit, it is rather nice.”

“Well..if I’m going to be in your body,” She declared, “I’m installing a new eye.”

“You wouldn’t DARE!” the other shouted. 

“Oh yeah? watch me.”

“You take one more step toward that door and I will scream.”

“What good will that…”

One of them screams briefly.

The other clutches her cat-ears, “OOOOOUCH!”

“Yeah, that’s what it’ll do.”

“jeeze, don’t do that again. Fine I won’t do it without you knowing.”

“Thank you.”

It was going to be a long week. 

(Oh come now, you didn’t think we spent all that cash last year just to have a one-off, did you?)

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs April 2, 2011

    ((*laugh*  This should be fun!))

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