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Underby Private Work Journal, August 25

That Macbain woman finally came through with her threats, quite frankly I never thought it would happen.  Bleeding hearts such as her are always all too ready to toss lip, but when it comes to actually doing something which might make someone else uncomfortable they generally grow mum, even after being wronged, as Macbain clearly was.  At least from her point of view.

So, yes, Pip is currently in the hands of those members of the Church.  I haven’t the faintest idea how they managed to get hold of him long enough to place whatever machine it was Yang said they had on him.  Something like the machine they had on that cage in the winter.  And, Oh, had I forgotten about that indignity?  I certainly had not.  The switch of Macbain and Frye was just a dip of the toe in cold water in that regard, believe me.  And to think Macbain believes she did not deserve her fell airship fate.  My ass.  She will pay in spades.  In spades.

I sent Bib after Pip, thinking those messages I gave him to pass to the brothers might make them nervous enough to pass him back over, but the church had apparently closed and barred its doors by the time he arrived.  I heard him tell Miss Netizen outside the Bucket “It starts now.”  I do wish he had not said that.

The question is, what do I do now?  Pip could of course, of course, babble some rather unflattering information about me.  I’m not certain what level of authority they have in town, but the mayor seems fond of them.  Perhaps its time the church seemed rather more dangerous and unstable than had been thought up until now…

And, still, the matter of Pip vexes me still.  He will need to be dealt with.





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  1. Sky Netizen Sky Netizen August 25, 2010

    *continues to ponder Bib’s meaning* Hmm, plenty to discuss with Star and the Brothers tonight…

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