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Under Construction: Great Fire Industrial Works

Sunset in New Babbage, as work continues on Great Fire Industrial Works. The name is a tribute to the kind of dramatic events that may need to take place to allow progress. Observers say the proprietors, Mr Serpente and Lady Cavendish,  have been engaged in very wholesome activities in their properties in Academy. Observers say that surely their above-board conduct in Academy bodes well for whatever comes from this new factory.

Those properties in Academy include a medical laboratory for the preservation of lifespan, the Library for Study of Genteel Alien Invasion & Vampyrism, Secret Societies and the Occult, and the City Cemetery & Chapel of St Swithins the Moor-slayer, which by the way, has absolutely nothing under it so you could never look or dig under there (and the church is next to a cemetery anyway. What a disgusting idea, don’t dig there) They also have a small park there next to the city walls, which, as I think about it, they should name for something or someone.

Anyway, these things are all very, very wholesome, so observers have no doubt that whatever comes out of this factory in New Babbage will surely be wholesome.

By the way, have you noticed that observers are getting more expensive to hire? At least if they don’t end up in the laboratory.

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery November 15, 2014

    The works bear an interesting name.  I wonder if this has any bearing on recent events in Port?

  2. Arthur Serpente Arthur Serpente November 16, 2014

    ((Well no, but it would love to :D ))

    I don’t know anything about those, but Lady Cavendish and I are still discussing the product line. We hope to make environmentally responsible use of native species such as kraken, wiggyfish and equally responsible use of indigenous labor.


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